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CTU faculty members are distinguished, world-renowned scholars and theologians. While committed to academic excellence and continuing to develop expertise in their fields, they are also dedicated to helping you prepare for a life of study, ministry, and service. CTU professors are known for the time that they devote to mentoring students. Authors of the leading books on theology and ministry, they are also in constant demand as lecturers and speakers throughout the United States and abroad.

Biblical Literature and Languages (BLL)

The Biblical Literature and Languages Department educates students to competently interpret the Scriptures in relation to the search for meaning, life, and nourishment in our world and church today.

Historical and Doctrinal Studies (HDS) (includes Ethical Studies)

The Department of Historical and Doctrinal Studies offers courses in Doctrine, Moral Theology, and History to prepare students with the knowledge of the content and development of the Christian faith, and the ability to competently interpret the Roman Catholic tradition in a faithful, historically critical, and culturally sensitive manner.

Intercultural Studies and Ministry (ICSM)

The Department of Intercultural Studies and Ministry educates ministers and leaders on how to serve effectively in intercultural and interreligious settings, preparing students to work with diverse populations and help them to better understand the meaning of mission in today’s context.

Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry (SPM)

The Department of Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry educates students in the biblical and traditional foundations of spirituality and pastoral ministry, while preparing them to spiritually accompany those whom they serve.

Word and Worship (WW)

The Department of Word and Worship promotes the integration of the critical study and reflective practice of liturgy, sacraments, catechesis, and preaching in an interdisciplinary framework.

Educational Technology

Emeritae and Emeriti

  • Gary Riebe-Estrella, SVD
  • Vice President and Academic Dean Emeritus


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