Edward Foley, Capuchin

Duns Scotus Professor Emeritus of Spirituality

Ecumenical Doctor of Ministry (EDMin) Program Founding Director



MDiv, St. Francis School of Pastoral Ministry, Milwaukee

MM, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

MA, University of Notre Dame

PhD, University of Notre Dame


Trained in musical performance and liturgics, Ed’s teaching at CTU prodded him to develop as a practical theologian.  In his understanding, practical theology is the contextual interface of experience, religious traditions and society for the transformation of church and world.  He belongs to the Capuchin Franciscan Order, canonically recognized as a “mixed” community of lay and ordained friars of equal dignity.  Ed believes this charism makes a distinctive contribution to a Church that is also “mixed” but sometimes struggles with the “equal dignity” part of that equation.  Besides exercising practical theology as an educator at CTU and concurrently as adjunct at the University of Chicago, he preaches and presides at Old St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago.


Ed publishes and lectures broadly on liturgy, music, preaching, as well as theological education and interfaith theological reflection.  His commitment to the international students in the EDMin program have allowed him to collaborate with them in Australia, England, India, Korea, Namibia, the Philippines, and South Africa.  He has lectured in over 60 Roman Catholic dioceses around the world, and in venues as diverse as the Mayo Clinic and the Houston Astrodome.


He is the recipient of over a dozen grants from such organizations as the Lilly Foundation, the Templeton Foundation, the Collegeville Institute and the Composer’s Forum.  Current projects include a new handbook on Catholic Marriage with a dozen collaborators (most of whom are married), a work on Eucharistic adoration after Vatican II, a project on preaching and the sciences, and an endowed lectureship at Yale University on preaching in an age of disaffiliation.  An award winner author for print and digital work, his publications appear in 9 languages.  He is the recipient of multiple awards, including the lifetime achievement Berakah award (2013) from the North American Academy of Liturgy.


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51 Chapters in books [including]

“David Tracy, The Analogical Imagination” (2016) online at http://ncronline.org/blogs/ncr-today/take-and-read-analogical-imagination


“Ritual Theory” (2012) online at http://ezproxy.ctu.edu:2182/patron/FullRecord.aspx?p=819320&echo=1&userid=l12x9VyeeBYHmSy80ZQKNg%3d%3d&tstamp=1439308429&id=3311C62A7ED0F23A7342D22C407933669B6C5FCF]


42 peer reviewed articles, including

“Sacred Fine Art Music vs. Liturgical Pop: Pastoral Reality or Conservatory Construct?”  New Theology Review 27:2 (2015) 64-69 online at http://newtheologyreview.com/index.php/ntr/article/view/1058  


“Reflective Believing: Reimagining Theological Reflection in an Age of Diversity (2014: online at http://journals.sfu.ca/rpfs/index.php/rpfs/article/viewFile/325/319)


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“Marketing or Mystagogy: Reception of the new Roman Missal and Reverse Catechesis”  (2011: online at http://www.praytellblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Ed-Foley-Reverse-Catechesis1.pdf (26 November 2011)

Encountering the Mystery: The History of Eucharistic Theology (4 DVDs, 2015)


Encountering the Mystery: The History of Eucharistic Theology (4 audio CDs, 2015)


Eucharist as Mystagogy (6 CD’s)

  • Blessed be God Forever (2007)
  • The Word Resounds (2003)
  • The Body Gathers (2001)
  • Become what you Pray (2001)
  • Become what you Eat (2001)
  • Go in Peace (2001)


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