CTU Field Education

Field Education is an integral part of a CTU education. As a school of theology and ministry, practical experience in ministry is essential to the development of practical theology skills. Field Education offers the opportunity to explore ministry in a supervised setting and to participate in theological reflection to integrate the theology learned in the classroom with the hands on ministerial accompaniment that takes place in the field.

While open to all students, field education is a requirement of all Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Master of Pastoral Studies (MAPS), and Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) degrees. Students take either one semester or a full year of Ministry Practicum based on their program requirements.

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Courses within Field Education include:
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Ministry Practicum Courses have the following pre-requisites:
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Ministry Practicum placements cover a variety of areas, some examples are:
  • Ministry Practicum for a semester or a full year.
  • Clinical Pastoral Experience
  • Pastoral Immersion
  • 3000 level Pastoral Ministry course
  • M3000A – Virtus Training Workshop
  • M3000B – Human Sexuality Workshop
  • M3000CPR -Understanding the Complexities of Power and Race for Ministry
  • M3000D- Ministry Practicum Orientation and Interview Workshop
  • Offering RCIA classes through campus ministry at St. Xavier University
  • Working with Kolbe House on issue of restorative justice and prison chaplaincy
  • Tutoring English as a Second Language at Mary Ward Center
  • Companioning team of young adults in ministry at Old St. Patrick’s Church
  • Responding to migrant needs through the Illinois Community for Displaced Immigrants
  • Training for Spiritual Direction through the Claret Center
  • One unit of CPE in conjunction with Association Clinical Pastoral Experience
  • Religious education with mentally challenged populations through Faith and Fellowship.

There are many diverse opportunities to engage with communities and shape your identity as a minister. While a main focus is serving in placements throughout the Chicago area, students who live at a distance also participate. Our director of field education works with each student individually to discern placements and cultivate opportunities to help you do your placement right in your own community.

All placements are direct service, hands-on and supervised. Students required to take Field Education courses should contact the Director of Field Education during their first year at CTU.

For any questions, please contact the Director of Field Educationczaker@ctu.edu.