“Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” – 1 Corinthians 12:7

Training for Impactful Ministry

Career Planning

Assembling research and artifacts to aid in discerning one’s ministerial vocation and career options.

Assessment Tools

Self-assessments to identify and validate aptitudes and skills.

The Resume

How to write a compelling resume and cover letters that tells your story.


How to use social media to proclaim the Good News and build a network.

Job Search

How to find the right ministry placement for you.

Job Search

Basic business and non-profit mission-oriented skills.


The goal of the CTU’s Pathways in Professional Ministry program is to support the transformation of CTU students’ vocations, as evidenced by their charisms, talents, and aptitudes, into fully actualized, marketable skills for pastoral leadership in the Church (ad intra) as well as outside the Church (ad extra). The program also offers skills training for mission-driven careers in the nonprofit and business sectors. The services are available to all current students, whether on an ordination track, religious, or lay.  Alumni are welcome to access the resources as they transition during their ministry careers and are invited to mentor and coach current students.

Our goal is to help students’ career planning such that every student will have a paid ministry placement waiting for them prior to graduation or be better skilled to provide pastoral leadership in their desired  ministry.  The Career Services program is guided by a Spirit-inspired mission culture of career readiness.

Ready to get started? Explore your ministry options or next career move. 

Contact careerservices@ctu.edu to schedule an appointment.

Or reach out directly to one of our career services team:

Herb Quinde at hquinde@ctu.edu

or Gerald Doyle at gdoyle@ctu.edu.

Ministry Career Guideline


Learn about CTU's career services for ministry guidelines and checkists.

Pathways in Professional Ministry

Job Listings


Stay updated and view recent postings for ministry related job opportunities in the Chicagoland area and beyond.

Job Listings

Inspiring CTU Alumni

Inspiring CTU Alumni

Highlighting the work that our alumni do is a vital part of telling the CTU story, and we want to ensure we learn the stories of CTU alumni from all corners of the globe.

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Career Services Events

2024: The Footsteps of St. Paul: Greece & Turkey

Greece and Turkey
Save the date for the fall 2024 trip in the Footsteps of St. Paul to Greece and Turkey! This program will explore historical sites in Greece and Turkey made sacred […]

2025: Lands of the Bible: Israel, Palestine & Jordan

Israel, Palestine, & Jordan
As part of CTU’s Bible Land Tours, CTU is planning a special tour of the Holy Land, scheduled for February 2 – 14, 2025. This will be a specially designed visit […]

2025: Spain: An Interfaith Pilgrimage

Join CTU for an inaugural pilgrimage to Spain. Led by expert Catholic, Muslim and Jewish leaders, this trip will explore significant religious locations throughout Spain through the lens of our […]