3 Student Life

Spiritual Life


Formation is part of every degree program at CTU. Every student is given the opportunity to participate in spiritual formation, including theological reflection groups, retreats, and workshops.


Robust, contextual, and meaning-filled liturgies are what CTU does best. Students are regularly invited to helm the planning and execution of community-wide liturgies, whether it’s a special feast day or just a regular ol’ weekday. Play an instrument? Looking for a piano to practice on? CLICK HERE to learn more about how to get involved with liturgy.

Academic Resources

Research Centers and Programs

and programs CTU is home to a number of centers designed to support research in a variety of interests, including the consistent ethic of life, reconciliation, peacemaking, interreligious dialogue, and consecrated life. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Writing and Resource Center

CTU, in partnership with McCormick and LSTC, provides a full-time Writing and Resource Center to students who desire assistance with writing of all kinds. Contact Zaynab Shahar at zshahar@ctu.edu, or stop by Room 338 to learn more.

Career Services

Questions about what’s next after you finish your degree program? Looking for a job while you study? Needing interview tips? CTU provides virtual and in-person Career Services consultations. Contact careerservices@ctu.edu to schedule an appointment. Or reach out directly to one of our career services team:

Herb Quinde at hquinde@ctu.edu or Gerald Doyle at gdoyle@ctu.edu.

Libraries and Bookstores

In addition to the Paul Bechtold library at CTU, Hyde Park is home to world-class libraries and bookstores, including the first cooperatively owned bookstore, the Seminary CoOp, and the original Powell’s Books location, both on 57th Street.

Student Leadership

Student Representative Council

At CTU, every student is automatically a member of the Student Representative Council (SRC). Started in the early 2000’s as a means of gathering students to organize activities and discuss student experiences, the SRC oversees the formation of student clubs and interest groups. Ranging from soccer to LGBTQ+ advocacy, the limits are endless to what students can organize and make happen.

Previous SRC initiatives include:

  • Seminary Shuffle (5K run/walk with other seminaries in the Hyde Park neighborhood)
  • Destress Fests during finals week each semester
  • Taste of CTU
  • Book swaps
  • Game nights


Witness, the social justice interest group that encourages action and contemplation across a breadth of social issues, came out of an SRC initiative. Witness asks the question, “How does CTU want to respond to ____ current issue?” and then mobilizes the wider community through education, reflection, and action. Most recently, Witness prompted the CTU community to respond to the question, “What does it mean to be an anti-racist person of faith?” Other Witness initiatives have included:

  • Embodied faith practices and experimental theater
  • Peace circle training
  • Marches and community organizing

Living in Chicago

Welcome to Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the best place to live if you want to learn about religion. CLICK HERE to learn more about the neighborhood’s history

Finding an apartment

Hyde Park is a hub of educational institutions, which means there are lots of apartment buildings and other students looking for roommates come summer time. The average price of a Studio/1-bedroom apartment is $900-1400/month. Zillow.com and Apartments.com are great places to start looking.

Medical and Health Resources

Hyde Park is home to the University of Chicago Medical Center, one of the best hospital systems in the state. Across the city of Chicago, you can find excellent healthcare systems.


CTU’s building at 5416 S Cornell Avenue is a recently built, 5-story building that is fully ADA accessible. With extra wide hallways, 3 large elevators, state-of-the-art Zoom classrooms, a brand-new audio/visual system in our large gathering space, and a private garage, CTU is physically accessible and prepared to assist any student with any type of disability to ensure success.

Getting Around

Chicago has a fantastic public transit system that consists of buses, “subway” style trains, and Metra commuter trains that connect the suburbs to the city. CTU is steps away from an express bus line and a Metra train station that run between downtown and Hyde Park. A one-way ride is around $2 depending on the line. Have a car? You’re in luck! CTU has a covered, private garage that students are able to rent space in.