Why CTU for Lay?

The diversity of our student body adds an extra layer to the educational experience at CTU. Not only do you learn from our exceptional faculty, but you learn from the experiences and perspectives of your fellow students. With students from all parts of world you learn about their experience of Christianity and how those experiences are similar to and different from your own. At CTU you learn from world renown experts, but you also learn about the practice of those theologies in communities through-out the world.

Why CTU for Religious?

Over the last 55 years, CTU has grown from being the place of education from three men’s religious orders to a place where now 23 men’s religious order send their members for education. Numerous women’s religious orders also send their members to study with us. These organizations know the quality of education that their members will receive at CTU. In addition, they know that the diversity of the student body and the ministry opportunities provided while at CTU will prepare their members for the diversity that they will experience during their ministry.