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CTU students and alumni serve the Church across the United States and in 60 countries worldwide. They work in parishes, homeless shelters, prisons, hospitals, schools, universities, hospices, social service organizations, and a myriad of other ministry settings. They are able to apply the best of the Catholic tradition to their work in situations of grief, conflict and adversity that exist in so many places in the United States and around the globe. As our Church confronts increasing challenges, CTU continues to be part of the solution through our tradition of faith, transparency and acceptance. Thank you for your support.

Rachel Kuhn, Director of Development

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Join The Way Society by naming CTU in your estate plans.

The Acts of the Apostles tell us that the very first name the earliest followers of Jesus gave themselves was the people of The Way. The name The Way implied that these early disciples of Jesus were committed to following in his footsteps across their lifetimes. Inspired by this first name for the Christian community, CTU has created The Way Society to recognize those persons whose dedication and generosity led them to remember CTU in their estate plans.

Wills, life insurance policies, retirement accounts and other planning vehicles can offer special ways to leave a lasting legacy to charitable interests. There are also ways to provide for meaningful future gifts while generating income, immediate tax savings, and other benefits today.


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Thank you for supporting CTU students this year. Your generosity makes it possible for them to make a difference—to proclaim Christ’s GOODNESS – in parishes, hospitals, prisons, high school and college classrooms, social service agencies, and in the many other places where they minister. They are dedicated disciples of Jesus who count on your help to be able to serve the Church and the world.

Thank you for your gift in support of the hundreds of CTU students, ordained and lay, who fulfill a great need for compassion, knowledge, and faith in our world today.

Rev. Donald Senior, CP Memorial Fund
Here at CTU, the months since Fr. Don’s death have been challenging yet inspiring. Publishers have worked to prepare and release Don’s final book, What Does the Bible Say About Inclusion? Sr. Barbara Reid is leading a retreat at the Passionist retreat house as Don did each year and carrying the torch for the Lands of the Bible travel program. And of course, Fr. Don’s decades of Biblical scholarship live on in the work of CTU faculty and students, informing, instructing and illuminating what he called “the lodestar,” Christian scripture.

Another way we are honoring Fr. Don’s life is by establishing the Donald Senior, CP Memorial Fund. This new fund supports initiatives that, as determined by CTU’s President, will sustain institutional vitality and self-renewal, carrying on the spirit of Don’s vision for advancing CTU, the institution to which he dedicated his life’s work.

CTU has received several significant multi-year commitments to the Donald Senior Memorial Fund, and we invite you to join in with your own contribution. Gifts to this fund give CTU the flexibility and resources needed to reinforce specific areas that will help fulfill our mission and our vision for the future. Please consider a meaningful pledge, gift or perhaps honor Don’s memory through your own planned giving/bequest.

While there will never be another scholar, teacher and “dear friend” like Don Senior, we will rest easier knowing that we’ve secured the legacy of Fr. Don’s leadership of CTU well into the future through the Donald Senior Memorial Fund.

CTU provides scholarships to qualified lay women and men who are seeking master’s level degrees in theology and ministry and are committed to serving in a variety of ministries. The goal is to make theological education and formation accessible to those who demonstrate a capacity to serve the Gospel.

Pope Francis has stressed the need for an active participation of the laity to ensure the future of the Church in a rapidly changing society.

CTU provides scholarships to qualified lay women and men who are seeking master’s level degrees in theology and ministry and are committed to serving in a variety of ministries. The goal is to make theological education and formation accessible to those who demonstrate a capacity to serve the Gospel.

The funding for the Bernardin Center at CTU has the dual mission of providing annual support for scholarships, activities, and programs, as well as building an endowment to sustain it for the long-term.

The Bernardin Center at CTU has many distinctive initiatives which include:

Catholic Common Ground Initiative, which works to lessen polarities and divisions that weaken the communion of the Church.

The Catholic-Jewish Studies Program and the Catholic-Muslim Studies Program both offer opportunities for interreligious dialogue among the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith communities.

Endowed Faculty Chairs: Crown-Ryan Chair of Jewish Studies; Erica and Harry John Family Chair of Catholic Theological Ethics; and Vatican Council II Chair of Theology.

The In Good Faith dinner series brings together members of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities for education and fellowship.

The goal of the Center for the Study of Consecrated Life (CSCL) is to dynamically engage in research and dialogue on contemporary issues in consecrated life. The CSCL encourages new scholarship across disciplines; provides processes for reflective dialogue and creative imagining; assists in the discovery of new calls to ministry; and explores the internationality of consecrated life through courses, symposia, and workshops.

Rachel Kuhn
Director of Development
773 371 5415