Certificate Overview

The Certificate in Black Theology and Ministry (BTM) offers students a background in theology, spirituality, pastoral ministry, intercultural studies, and related disciplines. The BTM certificate program is especially helpful for pastoral ministers who are seeking to enhance their academic background in Black/African American theologies and/or their preparation for ministry in Black/African American communities.

Black Theology and Ministry Certificate


The BTM Certificate consists of 18 credit hours, which may be taken on-site or online: nine required credits with a Black focus, six elective credits with Black-themed threads/perspectives, and three elective credits in any discipline.

Nine required credits with a Black focus
Six elective credits with Black threads/perspectives
Three elective credits in any discipline

At least 9 credits in courses that are explicitly Black-themed. For example:

  • Pastoral Care in an African American Context
  • Black Spirituality as a Source for Ministry
  • Black Spirituality
  • Reading the Bible Differently: African American Biblical Perspectives
  • Perspectives in African Biblical Interpretation
  • Spiritual Writings of Howard Thurman and Thea Bowman (CTU Summer Institute)
  • Black and Womanist Theology (CTU Summer institute)
  • Ministry Practicum or CPE in a in Black/African American Ministry context

With the advisement of the professor, 6 elective credits in courses where a Black or African American related pastoral and theological thread can be pursued.

These courses may be drawn from across departmental and Summer Institute offerings. Students with limited pastoral or theological background may use these elective credits to further enhance their preparation.

Catholic Theological Union offers a wide variety of certificate programs for students who wish to specialize in their theological education or prepare for service in new ministries.

Certificates vary in length from 18 to 24 hours of course work.

You may earn certificates in the following areas: Asian Pastoral Theology and Ministry, Biblical Spirituality, Black Theology and Ministry, Franciscan Spirituality, Hispanic Theology and Ministry, Intercultural Studies, Interreligious Studies, Liturgical Studies, Mission Studies, Pastoral Studies, Reconciliation and Restorative Justice, Spirituality, and Spiritual Formation.