Christina R. Zaker

Director of Field Education

Director of English for Theological Education

Adjunct Lecturer in Pastoral Ministry



MPS, Loyola University Chicago
Ecumenical DMin, Catholic Theological Union


Chrissy has served at CTU since 2014. She is a practical theologian with a focus on cultivating reflective practitioners in a variety of settings. Her doctoral work focused on the development of parable as a lens for theological reflection and she continues to do research in the area of theological reflection as it intersects with justice.  Her past experiences in Campus Ministry, as the Executive Director of Amate House for the Archdiocese of Chicago, and in parish ministry lend to her ability to journey with students in their field education experiences.


Chrissy also teaches in the Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry Department. Family Spirituality is the cornerstone of her research in spirituality, primarily exploring how the spirituality of a family unit adjusts through life.  She has written numerous articles and is a frequent speaker and retreat director.


Christina is a member of the Association for Theological Field Educators and the National Association of Lay Ministers. She is married to Christopher Zaker and they have four children.


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