Professor Crowley’s research interests center around the appropriate and integral use of media arts in worship, Catholic and Protestant, and future possibilities for communities to create their own liturgical media art through Communal Co-creation. Given the ubiquity of media-making devices in smartphones, photography and video are easy entry points for people of almost any age, not only to engage in developing media art that might possibly contribute to their liturgies as media of meditation but also as liturgical environment. Photography, especially, can become a spiritual practice for small groups. Most recently, Professor Crowley has been exploring and lecturing on the topic of media storytelling as ministry and has developed a website to share this research.  She is particularly interested in the use of participatory group photography projects for empowering marginalized and vulnerable children, teens and adults. Other areas of interest include: liturgical inculturation, intercultural communications, Christian Initiation, lay leadership of prayer and preaching, and shaping places for worship.

Eileen Crowley


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