Kevin Considine’s scholarship explores interpersonal and social reconciliation through naming, understanding, narrating, and participating in God’s work of healing the wounds of the “sinned-against” through intercultural perspectives. He interprets woundedness as a form of analogical connection for understanding the wounds of others and participating in God’s work of healing the wounds and their effects in individuals, groups, and societies.

Considine earned a B.A. in English from Vanderbilt University in 2002 and his first employment post-graduation was in social work and youth development with The Atlantic Street Center in Seattle, WA. He earned a M.A. in Theology (’08) from CTU under the mentorship of Robert J. Schreiter and continued his studies in systematic theology at Loyola University Chicago, completing his doctorate of philosophy in 2013 with an investigation of Catholic understandings of salvation by connecting of the soteriology of Edward Schillebeeckx with Korean and Korean-American philosophies and theologies of “Han” using a method of intercultural hermeneutics. Before coming to CTU, he was Assistant Professor of Theology at Calumet College of St. Joseph, a theology teacher at Marian Catholic High School, and an adjunct professor at Catholic Theological Union.

Considine is a member of the Catholic Theological Society of America. His first book, Salvation for the Sinned-Against, focused on reinterpreting Catholic doctrines of salvation. He has written chapters in several edited collections and his scholarly essays have appeared in Interreligious
Studies and Intercultural Theology, Horizons, Tijdschrift voor Theologie, New Theology Review, Open Theology, and Black Theology: An International Journal and he has contributed to several periodicals and journals that include the National Catholic Reporter, and U.S. Catholic.

Kevin Considine


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