Dr. Kevin McClone is a licensed clinical psychologist, certified alcohol and drug counselor, and certified chaplain who has worked for over twenty five years in the health care field, including over ten years of hospice care experience. Kevin currently is the Director of the Institute for Sexuality Studies located on the campus of Catholic Theological Union where he has provided one month training programs on Healthy Sexuality for Ministry for formation and vocation personnel and tutored hundreds of religious and lay men and women from around the world for over ten years.

Kevin has been a keynote speaker both nationally and internationally on topics related to psychosexual development, healthy intimacy, addiction recovery , building healthy relationships, emotional intelligence and coping with loss and grief. He has been a featured speaker for Guest House Institute, the National Federation of Priests Councils, Palliative Care organizations, the National Catholic Seminary Association, Catholics on Call and numerous parishes and dioceses both in the United States and abroad. Kevin is a consultant to several Chicago area Catholic religious orders and seminaries and retirement facilities where he deals with issues of healthy relationships, psychological assessment, human development, aging, depression and loss and grief issues.

Kevin has written numerous articles on topics such as the Psychospirituality of Change and Growth, Healthy Intimacy and Affective Maturity, The Gift of Sexuality in a Celibate Vocation, Psychospirituality of Addiction and Male Intimacy for such varied publications as Horizon, Seminary Journal, Touchtone, and Human Development Magazines.

Kevin McClone


Personal Affiliations
  • American Psychological Association-Member
  • Illinois Psychological Association-Member
  • College of Chaplains-Fellow