To promote the development of a practical theology of reconciliation rooted in the spirituality of the Precious Blood through academic scholarship, theological and pastoral education, and restorative practices within Society and the Church


About the Institute

The work of the Schreiter Institute will focus on research on the integration of Catholicism within local cultures and, particularly, on the urgent mission of reconciliation in our modern world—a direct expression of his Precious Blood Spirituality. The SI will offer courses, workshops and support academic research that advance this distinct tradition in the church.

Dr. Kevin Considine


Kevin Considine holds a PhD in Theology from Loyola University Chicago. His scholarship explores on interpersonal and social reconciliation through naming, understanding, narrating, and participating in God’s work of healing the wounds of the “sinned-against” through intercultural perspectives. He has ministry experience in the healing of trauma, racial justice, and building community partnerships for these ends.


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Resources & Publications

Reconciliation, Restorative Justice, and Spirituality are big topics.  And they are often misunderstood even among those who share similar beliefs, creeds, and communities.  Click below to find out more about SI@CTU’s vision of these Big Three.


Certificate in Reconciliation and Restorative Justice

Human beings are messy.  We are vulnerable creatures and our societies reproduce our own brokenness on a larger scale.  As Dorothy Day once said, “we are those who are sinned against and those who are sinning.”  So, the 18 credit hour Certificate in Reconciliation and Restorative Justice is designed to equip students in the art of social healing.  It utilizes resources from global Catholicism to teach students ways to diagnose and to mend the varieties of brokenness they encounter both locally and globally.

Legacy of Robert Schreiter, C.PP.S.

Rev. Dr. Robert J. Schreiter, CPPS (1947-2021) was a priest with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood and a world-renowned scholar and practitioner in the areas of Reconciliation and Peacemaking along with Inculturation and Intercultural Theology. He also was a protégé of the great Flemish-Dominican theologian Edward Schillebeeckx, O.P. and an internationally recognized expert on the works of Schillebeeckx. Among hundreds of published works, his most notable include: Constructing Local Theologies, The New Catholicity: Theology between Global and Local, Reconciliation: Mission and Ministry in a Changing Social Order; Reconciliation: Spirituality and Strategies; and In Water and in Blood: A Spirituality of Solidarity and Hope. He compiled and edited The Schillebeeckx Reader and was a co-author of Peacebuilding: A Caritas Training Manuel.

About the PBSI

Established in 2022, the Precious Blood Spirituality Institute (PBSI) is a sponsored work by three religious communities, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, and the Sisters of the Precious Blood Sisters of Dayton, Ohio, who each draw their inspiration from devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus. The blood of Christ shed to give life to others is the spiritual foundation for the commitment of these Catholic religious communities to the work of justice and reconciliation. This unique Institute will collaborate with Catholic Theological Union to offer courses, workshops and support academic research that advance this distinct tradition in the church.


Kevin Considine, PhD


The Schreiter Institute

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