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‘U.S. Catholic’ welcomes new editor-in-chief

June 30, 2020

 – U.S. Catholic



To maintain her calm, this Catholic sister tweets prayers to @POTUS

June 26, 2020

 – U.S. Catholic & Sr. Susan Francois, CSJP MA ’15



Lament and hope go hand in hand

June 26, 2020

 – Sr. Mumbi Kigutha, CPPS


Priestly jubilees: Celebrating lives in service to the Church

June 25, 2020

 – The Catholic Spirit

The truth about so-called ‘gender ideology’

June 24, 2020

 – Rev. Daniel P. Horan, OFM

We breathe together

June 12, 2020

 – Arturo J. Bañuelas, M.T. Dávila, Miguel H. Díaz, Carmen Nanko-Fernández


I can’t breathe because God can’t breathe

June 11, 2020

 – Anne Arabome


How to seek Jesus amid COVID-19

June 11, 2020

 – Rev. Ferdinand Okorie, CMF



I can’t breathe because God can’t breathe

June 10, 2020

 – Sr. Anne Arabome, SSS, DMin ’11

Rev Prof Mark R. Francis to speak at ACU online public lecture

June 10, 2020

 – Catholic Outlook


When will the US bishops address the evil of systemic racism head-on?

June 10, 2020

 – Rev. Daniel P. Horan, OFM


¿Dios Bendiga Whose América? Resisting the Ritual Theologizing of Nation

June 5, 2020

 – Carmen M. Nanko-Fernández, Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology



Pentecost Sunday

May 31, 2020

 – C. Vanessa White, DMin


If COVID-19 frightens you, you should be terrified by climate change

May 27, 2020

 – Rev. Daniel P. Horan, OFM


Editorial independence in Catholic media is critical

May 21, 2020

 – National Catholic Reporter


‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’ offers hope-inspiring water

May 16, 2020

 – Bro. Antonio D. Sison, CPPS


Naming the dehumanizing agenda of some Christians

May 13, 2020

 – NRev. Daniel P. Horan, OFM


Theologians concerned over bishops’ plans for 10-person pandemic Masses

May 12, 2020

 – National Catholic Reporter


Cardinal Dolan’s public flattery of Trump forgets a few things

May 8, 2020

 – Steven P. Millies, PhD


All mothers stand at the cross with Mary

May 8, 2020

 – Sr. Laurie Brink, OP



US Catholic magazine unpublishes two articles critical of Cardinal Dolan

May 7, 2020

 – National Catholic Reporter


We are suffering a crisis of imagination in the church and world

April 29, 2020

 – Rev. Daniel P. Horan, OFM


‘God makes a way’: African American parishes respond to COVID-19 disparity

April 29, 2020

 – National Catholic Reporter


Interreligious Relations Must Become Imperative, Not a Sidebar

April 28, 2020

 –  John T. Pawlikowski


Unless our nation agrees about morality, laws will fall short

April 23, 2020

 – Steven P. Millies, U.S. Catholic



Women religious model the Christian ecological vocation

April 21, 2020

 – Sr. Dawn M. Nothwehr, OSF


As the suffering of many weighs on me, I’m learning to pray again

April 15, 2020

 – Rev. Daniel P. Horan, OFM


What Thomas Merton can teach us about the coronavirus pandemic

April 10, 2020

 – Steven P. Millies, U.S. Catholic



In a pandemic, when every day feels like Good Friday

April 9, 2020

 – Carmen Nanko-Fernández


The church after coronavirus: Crisis exposes what is essential

April 2, 2020

 – National Catholic Reporter


Solidarity in a Time of Social Distancing



For the love of God (literally), stay home, be safe and pray

April 1, 2020

 – Rev. Daniel P. Horan, OFM


A new way to think about the ‘consistent ethic of life’

March 31, 2020

 – Steven P. Millies, U.S. Catholic



Election 2020: encountering exhaustion, agony and hope

March 5, 2020

 – Mark Piper