Learn@CTU, Catholic Theological Union’s Multi-Media Platform, has Re-Launched


Kellene Urbaniak, kurbaniak@ctu.edu, 773.371.5416

Learn@CTU, Catholic Theological Union’s Multi-Media Platform, has Re-Launched

CHICAGO – January 18, 2020.    Almost ten years after its initial launch, Catholic Theological Union is pleased to announce the re-design and re-launch of its multi-media platform, Learn@CTU. With the redesigned continuing education platform, users can stream world class lectures on handheld devices, and receive engaging blogs and podcasts weekly. The new Learn@CTU brings CTU educational resources to the public in a new way.

Catholic Theological Union has a rich tradition of hosting lectures, seminars, conferences, and other events featuring CTU faculty, as well as special guests and visiting scholars. According to Rev. Richard Benson, CM, Vice President and Academic Dean, “CTU has the mission of educating ministers for pastoral service to the people of God.  Experience has shown that not all people who are interested in theological and ministerial education have the opportunity to take formal classes.  Learn@CTU provides a professional platform for these kinds of students, women and men eager to learn and eager to grow.  Learn@CTU is a resource that offers solid theology that is always directed to the transformation of individuals and society.”

These media resources include lectures, panels, papers, and book reviews offered in multiple formats – video, livestream, podcasts, blogs and text. Browse resources by author, department, topic, or key words. Learn@CTU is organized in a clear and helpful way, with contents shareable via email and social media. Users can sign up to receive select content like the thought-provoking and inspirational Sunday Scripture Reflection series written each week by members of the CTU faculty.  Later in 2020, premium content will be available through a subscription service.

Learn@CTU provides an experience of theological education at CTU. It is a tool for continuing education for alumni and friends of CTU, supplements the educational experience for our students, and introduces CTU faculty, students, and educational resources to the wider community. In the future, Learn@CTU will continue to develop new features, evolving as new technologies become available.