The Catholic Vote in 2020 Spring Lecture Series Open to the Public


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The Catholic Vote in 2020 Spring Lecture Series Open to the Public

CHICAGO December 5, 2019–With next year’s he presidential election activity building, Catholic Theological Union offers a timely a 10-week lecture series entitled The Catholic Vote in 2020.

Every election cycle is an opportunity to renew what Pope Francis calls the bonds of “civic and political love,” the commitment we have to one another as fellow citizens. In The Catholic Vote in 2020, Catholic Theological Union’s Professor Steve Millies, PhD will lead a conversation about citizenship in the light of Catholic faith, paying special attention to the 2020 election season.

“We always say that elections are important, but 2020 may bring the most important election any of us will ever see. Catholics, especially, will want to spend some time thinking about the choices they can and cannot make in 2020,” said Professor Millies. Steve is the Associate Professor of Public Theology and Director of The Bernardin Center at CTU, where he focuses on the Catholic church’s relationship to politics with regard to history and law.

This annual Spring Lecture Series is held on Wednesday evenings, from January 8  through April 8, 2020, and is open to the public. Members of the general public are invited to drop in for $15 per lecture or subscribe to the entire 10-week lecture series for $150, which includes complimentary parking in CTU’s Hyde Park campus garage.

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