March 1, 2017

Statement from CTU President, Rev.Mark Francis, CSV, on Recent Antisemitic and Anti-Islamic Incidents

Committed to Fighting Hatred in all Its Forms

Since its founding in 1968, Catholic Theological Union has emphasized the importance of inter-religious dialogue as an essential aspect of preparation for priests and lay ministers in the Catholic Church.  Today this concern finds expression in the MA degree we offer in inter-religious dialogue, in courses on Judaism and Islam, in our annual Shapiro lectures and Perelmuter Conferences that expose our faculty and students to the best of Jewish scholarship, and in our “In Good Faith” program aimed at promoting a respectful appreciation for our brothers and sisters who adhere to all three Abrahamic faiths.

It is for this reason that the administration, faculty and students of Catholic Theological Union express their solidarity and support for the Jewish community in the face of the recent grave desecrations in St. Louis and Philadelphia, and the threats to Jewish institutions, including schools and community centers around the country. We speak out with equal support for our Muslim friends and against the recent mosque burnings in Florida and Texas.

In this time of political unrest, we publicly commit ourselves to fight hatred in all its forms and we pledge to continue to educate our students against unreasoning animosity and fear produced by religious prejudice and ignorance. Finally, we call upon Christians, Jews, and Muslims to work together publicly in order to combat the recent incidents of violence and hate that have damaged our country’s reputation for religious liberty and tolerance.

Rev. Mark R. Francis, CSV

President, Catholic Theological Union

February 28, 2017