Expanded Classroom

Toward A Biblical Theology of Friendship

Fall 2021 Course


Sr. Laurie Brink, OP

Professor of New Testament Studies 


Tuesdays, September 7 – October 14 @ 1-3:45 pm

This course makes two extraordinary claims: that our life’s ultimate goal is friendship with God
and that the Scriptures provide the roadmap. Friendship with God is a gift of Holy Wisdom (Wis
7:27). God speaks to Moses face to face as one speaks to a friend (Exod 33:11). And most
striking of all these biblical examples, Jesus calls his own disciples “friends” (John 15:15). This
course engages a dynamic process that integrates personal experience with biblical study in
order to trace the emerging theology of friendship in the Scriptures.

This class is being offered in a modified distance-learning format. Lectures will be recorded and available on the class website. Those participating at a distance will be able to view the lecture at a convenient time and join a discussion with the faculty and other online students. Join the conversation and audit this course for $600. Participants seeking academic credit and/or auditors who have never attended a course at CTU will be required to complete a brief application for admission. Register or learn more by completing the form below or contact Janet Hoffman at academicservices@ctu.edu or 773-371-5444.