Laurie Brink, OP

Professor of New Testament Studies

Director of the Certificate in Biblical Spirituality



MA, Maryknoll School of Theology
PhD, University of Chicago


Laurie Brink is a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa and has served on the faculty since 2004. She has taught courses on the Gospels, Letters of Paul, Acts of the Apostles, and Early Christian Literature. Her current research and pedagogical interests are contextualization and hermeneutics. Engaging the theological work of her colleagues, Laurie examines the biblical texts through an intercultural and integrative lens, recognizing that meaning is found at the intersection of text, reader, and tradition. As a Dominican, she is keenly interested in promoting biblical literacy and to that end has given presentations and workshops throughout the United States and in Australia, Bolivia, Jamaica, the Philippines, and Trinidad & Tobago.


Having served on the staff of the Combined Caesarea Expeditions in Israel, Laurie’s experience in archaeology informs both her teaching and her research. She frequently leads CTU’s Biblical Study and Travel Programs.

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