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Possible Scientific Resources
  • Old yeast vs. new yeast from second reading: old yeast spoils, new yeast (Jesus Christ) cleanses, brings faith, hope, and life to us on Easter
  • Behavior of Lambs from sequence and Gospel acclamation: using the behavior of lambs as a way to model how Jesus Christ ministers as the Paschal Lamb
  • Burial cloths left in the tomb from the Gospel: Shroud of Turin as an artifact studied by science connecting us to Jesus’ death and resurrection
  • “The Science of Baking with Yeast” https://www.finecooking.com/article/the-science-of-baking-with-yeast-2
    • Explains what yeast is
    • How yeast make bread rise
    • What can go wrong with yeast
  • “Social Behavior of Sheep” by Gary Landsberg and Sagi Deneberg https://www.merckvetmanual.com/behavior/normal-social-behavior-and-behavioral-problems-of-domestic-animals/social-behavior-of-sheep
    • Flock dynamics of sheep
    • Gender dynamics of sheep
    • Intelligence of Sheep
  • The Shroud of Turin https://www.shroud.com/
    • Definitive site with current research and accurate data that you can interact with regarding the Shroud of Turin

Homily Outline Combining Resources

Homily outline using the image of yeast:

  • Old yeast vs unleavened bread
    • Yeast Single-celled microorganism
    • Many types (over 1,500 species)
    • One most commonly used Saccharomyces cerevisiae (which means “sugar-eating fungi”)
    • https://www.finecooking.com/article/the-science-of-baking-with-yeast-2
  • Why do we prefer yeasted bread?
    • It’s taste, texture, smell, different styles of yeasted bread, memories of eating/cooking with risen dough
  • How yeast helps bread rise
    • When dough is kneaded, yeast metabolizes the starches and sugars in flour
    • Yeast turns these starches/sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide gas
    • This gas inflates the bubbles caused by kneading, which causes bread to rise
    • During rising, yeast divides and multiplies, producing more carbon dioxide gas
    • As long as there is air + carbohydrates in the dough, yeast will multiply until it is actively stopped by heat
    • Punching down or stirring a dough after it first rises will refresh the yeast’s environment
    • https://www.finecooking.com/article/the-science-of-baking-with-yeast-2
  • Paul juxtaposes what old yeast or bad yeast can do to bread vs unleavened bread
    • Old yeast or bad yeast for Paul
    • Spoils bread like sin spoils us
    • Once in us, multiplies and won’t stop growing
    • Examples: anger, fear, hatred, avoidance, lust
    • If we beat down, avoid, try to mask our sin, just like yeast it will thrive and be refreshed and continue to grow/spoil us
    • Jesus Christ: True Bread of Life
    • There is a such thing as “good” yeast
    • A little yeast goes a long way
    • Example of good yeast spreading: when cooking, you take a piece of yeasted dough from one batch to be the starter for the next batch
    • Fundamental to using yeast is communal sharing/giving
    • Through Jesus Christ’s Paschal Mystery, we are cleansed of old/bad yeast
    • Like Jesus Christ who offered Himself for us on the Cross, we are called to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection by becoming the bread of life for others
    • A call back to the life Yahweh gave the Israelites through the Passover meal and the mana in the desert
    • We are called to be food for those in need
  • What does this mean for the community?
    • Like new yeast, the Easter Resurrection spreads
    • Spread joy, life, hope in our lives
    • Paul: calls for use to clean out the old yeast to make room for something new, this is what our 40-day Lenten journey has been for us
    • Easter Sunday is what we have been prepared for
    • Jesus Christ as bringer of life, of something new


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