Rest in Christ's Love

Dear CTU Community,
We share with deepest sorrow that Rev. Donald P. Senior, CP entered eternal life on November 8, 2022.
With immense gratitude, we celebrate Fr. Don’s life and the extraordinary gifts he embodied as a world-renowned biblical scholar, prolific writer, and extraordinary pastoral leader. Fr. Don’s devotion to his family, to the Passionist Order, and to the extensive CTU community was unmatched.
More information will be forthcoming on the tremendous impact Fr. Don’s life has had on Catholic Theological Union, on theological studies, on faith communities in Chicago and around the world, and on the Catholic Church.
We rejoice that he now experiences the fullness of God’s love for all eternity.
Arrangements are shared below.

Sr. Barbara Reid, OP, PhD, President and Thomas Brown, Chair, Board of Trustees

Mass of Christian Burial

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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Memories & Condolences

Father Didace Kamana

My deepest condolences to Fr. Don's family, passionist and CTU communities. Fr. Don was truly a holy priest, great teach and leader. I enjoyed his wisdom while studying at CTU and was on his scholarship. Rest in Peace of Christ, dear Fr. Don. You always are in my thoughts and prayers.

Rev. Didace Kamana

My deepest condolences to the passing of Rev. Donald Senior to all CTU and Passionist Communities. Father Don will be always in my thoughts and prayers. I remember him saying that " we need to crossbundries

Fr Bob Bossie, SCJ

I was in one of Don's first classes at CTU and often felt they were more of a retreat than sumply imparting knowledge, which they did. I told him this once or twice over the years. I recall my feeling disappointed when he transitioned into administration because I felt his spiritual gift would be lost to so many others. Now that he has made the final transition, I can only imagine his spirit will resonate more widely. Don Senior. Presente! A life well lived.

Mark D Amato cpp

May Fr. Don Senior cp Rest in The Arms of The Lord.

P. Lee

Such a heaviness is left where there was such light. Our gentle and humble guide, ever accessible. Revealing the depth and the nuances of the scriptures. Your spark, the ever-present twinkle in your eye, now rest with your beloved Lord. May you be rejoined with your loved ones in heaven. May you be welcomed by all those you dedicated your life to studying.

Marta Sayeed

In gratitude for bringing me closer to Jesus.

Sr. Helen Rodriguez-Marin, OLVM

Thank you, Fr. Don Senior, CP, for the times I met you at the L.A. Religious Education Congress held at the Anaheim Convention Center. Your Biblical presentations were always inspiring. You were always so approachable and always shared your memorable smile. I am grateful that I am now taking a Biblical Spirituality course at CTU. Heartfelt prayers to all those are blessed knowing you.

Barbara Wheeler

Don's death is a personal loss. He was a wonderful friend. Three weeks ago I sent him a picture from Rome of the Passionist church there, and he replied, attentive as ever, despite the challenges of rehab, saying that he was hoping to make "slow and steady" progress. I very much wanted to take my Egypt-obsessed teenage grandson on one of his tours. With typical thoughtfulness, Don asked what scheduling around the school calendar would make that possible. I so much regret that that trip will not happen. Beyond the personal loss that I along with so many others feel, Don was an iconic public figure. His significance in the Catholic world is signaled by many of these tributes. In the ecumenical world of American theological education, Don modeled a kind of leadership that is all too rare: institutionally effective and at the same time rooted in excellent scholarship and a deep spirituality. Across the spectrum of the Association of Theological Schools, mainline and evangelical Protestant and Eastern Orthodox seminary leaders as well as other Catholics highly respected and admired Don and hoped to emulate his leadership qualities. He was one of the great seminary educators of his generation, and he will be greatly missed.

Bernard Charles Phelan MHM

Deep condolences to all the brethren in CTU and especially the Passionists. May Fr.Don Senior rest in eternal peace

Friar Johnpaul Cafiero, OFM

One of the greatest teachers and mentors. Rest in the Lord's embrace my brother.

Sr. Mary Yanmei OSB

I am so sorrowful to hear the loss of Fr. Donal Senior. I appreciate Fr. Don for his profound biblical and theological wisdom and his smile and gentleness, humility. He touched my heart when I studied his Course of the Passion of Jesus at CTU. I never forget Fr. Don’s prayer that is “May our lovely and gracious God bless and guide us” before the starting of class. Also, I cherish his wonderful book The Biblical Foundations for Mission. Moreover, I would like to express deepest condolences for the loss of Fr. Don and the family and the Community. I invited a Benedictine priest to celebrate the special Mass for Fr. Don at 12:15pm on November 10 at the Benedictine Church at Kylemore Abbey. May Fr. Don rest in peace and love of GRECIOUS God. Fr. Don, you live in my heart forever and love you. Please pray for us in Heaven. Sr. Mary Yanmei

joseph p mcdonnell

Not what I expected, news of Father Senior's death, as I prepare for Mass tomorrow. As one of his students, I just do not what to say, my mind and heart are overwhelmed with emotions of grief, gratitude, and love for truly a great man. Such a cliché to say I miss Don Senior. More accurate to say I long to see him again and be his student once more. Deacon Joe McDonnell Catholic Chaplain, BCC Napa State Hospital, CA

Sr. Rayo Cuaya Castillo, SH

In gratitude for the gift of Fr. Don's life to all those he touched with his compassion, wisdom and love. May his legacy continue to give fruit.

Joseph A. Morris

Thank you, Father Senior, for being a friend of the Jewish people, individually and collectively. Our conversations were always informative, good-humored, and uplifting. May the memory of Donald Senior forever be as a blessing.

Barrett James

I am so honored to Have known Don. Went on Footsteps of St Paul and was at symposium in Rome in 1995. I will miss his gentle wisdom

Dawn M. Nothwehr, OSF, Ph.D.

I first encountered Fr. Don's work when I was a Volunteer In Diocesan Action (VIDA) under Bishop Charles A. Buswell, in the Pueblo Diocese of Colorado. I used his series on the New Testament for adult education classes. The cutting edge visual aides were filmstrips! Following that - throughout my theological studies including doctoral studies I continued to read, view and listen to anything I could find of his outstanding work. The highest privilege was being invited for an interview with him when applying for a faculty position at CTU. What a joy it was to hear him affirm my hire and inviting me to join the faculty. He was indeed one of God's chosen and fine-tuned instruments of bringing the Gospel to the entire world - personally, and through the thousands he mentored, counseled, and taught. Gratefully. I rejoice that you now rest in the loving arms of God.

Thomas Haerle CMF

My deepest condolences to Fr. Don's family, his fellow members of the Passionist Community and his many close friends. I had him for scripture classes while at CTU. I appreciated his wealth of knowledge of the scriptures. I give thanks for the opportunity to have Fr. Senior as a professor. I lift him to our Lord for all eternity.

Oliver Nicklin

A true saint and an inspiration to all going forward.

Beverly Palumbo, RSM

Since the late 70’s I have heard Father Don many times speak on scripture. He spoke from the heart. Thank you dear Father Don for inspiring me in my studies of scripture.

Pamela J Meyer

Don was endlessly kind to me and stood as a strong reference for me when I tried to make a living in less progressive arms of the Church

Roseanne Madden

We have lost a true friend.

Sr Suzanne Mattiuzzo

A truly great person who transformed my way of thinking about "church."

Deacon Jose Aleman

Yo oía hablar de Rev. Donald Senior cuando comencé mis estudios de diaconado, y me fascinaron sus libros y CD's por su erudición pero al mismo tiempo por la sencillez con que explicaba. Hace algunos años mi esposa y yo comenzamos a asistir a sus retiros anuales en Our Lady of Florida y quedamos impactados por su sencillez, alegría -siempre se estaba sonriendo- su apertura y su deso de difundir la Palabra de Dios. Hicimos un poco de amistad, y hasta habiamos coordinado un viaje a mi parroquia en el 2020 para dar un retiro, que la pandemia de COVID impidio llevar a cabo. Ya esperabamos con alegría el proximo retiro para encontrarnos nuevamente, aprender de su sabidoria y deleitarnos de su amistad cuando recibimos la noticia de su fallecimiento. Ahora esta completando sus conocimientos de Aquel a quien dedicó su vida y sus talentos. Ya llego a su meta. Que podamos seguir su ejemplo de dedicación y un dia nos volvamos a encontrar en la casa del Padre.

Cheryl Antos

Don was a voice of love for CTU. His dedication and service touched many. A renowned biblical scholar, he shared his perspective of scripture in enriching and challenging ways. Some of my more lighthearted memories were on commencement days at CTU. Don looked forward to each class ready to enter the next phase of lives as newly graduated ministers. Rest in peace, Don. Your legacy lives on.

Gioacchino Campese cs

What a great human being, teacher and scholar! Condolences to the family and the CTU community. Que en paz descanse.

Virginia McGowan Bishop

After knowing Fr. Don through Misericordia and my Mother's work with special needs children, through dear ND friends and through CTU dinners, somewhat and not at all to my surprise, Fr Don came to a home to talk to our Women's Bible study group about the Gospel of John book he had authored. Our small group of women of all ages had so many questions for him. He was his usual warm and interesting self, answering our questions insightfully, with humor at times, and as always, with kindness. He refused any monetary honorarium and seemed reluctant but accepted a gift basket of fruits and cookies we had prepared for him. He left, smiling in the sunshine and waving goodbye as he walked to his car. He wrote a thank you note for the gift basket. My husband and I hoped to join him on a tour of the Holy Land but sorrowfully will not be able to now. We are so thankful for the gift of Fr Don who explained the Scriptures and also brought people of all faiths together in trust and friendship. We will remember always his smile and kind heart, and pray for him as he enters Paradise and rests in God's loving arms.

Fred M. Fosnacht

One of the most extraordinary, illuminating, and inspiring trips was being accompanied and led by Don Senior in one of his exquisite, in-depth tours of the Holy Land. There was no better guide, pastor, and theologian to unpack the mystery of God-with-us on that holy ground. May the angels greet him and may he be embraced by the Savior he served so well.

Dee Peppard, BVM.

I have such great gratitude and appreciation for Don. He was certainly a world-class scholar and an outstanding teacher. In addition to imparting information, he touched the very hearts of so many of us. He knew “where we live” and could speak to our own journeys as seekers, as ministers, as people trying to witness to God’s abundant love. Don often gave us a new or renewed perspective. He opened the Scriptures in exciting and challenging ways. Don was deeply grounded in faith, and yet open to the Spirit leading him further. Thank you, Don.

Fr. Peter Kang Suh Lee

Rest in peace, dear Fr. Don Senior. I spent a sabbatical year at CTU from the fall of 2020 to the fall of 2021, and I was pleased to listen to the wonderful lectures every semester. I will always remember you during my Mass. Please pray for us as well.

Sandra Schneiders

Don was the kind of colleague and friend that make the life of the professional theologian feel worthwhile. He was an inspiration to me throughout my career and I pray for his joy now in the Risen Christ, our consolation at losing him, and our commitment to being worthy of having had such a friend, model, and co-worker in the vineyard.

H. Scott Matheney +. Chaplain and Dean of Religious Life

Our elmhurst university community and our Catholic ministires were graced often with Fr. Don, his intellectual rigor, his commanding and compassionate faith, his capacity to build bridges, and his joyous spirit. His guiding strength and grace will always be remembered. And we hold CTU and all in our hearts in his passing. With prayers, May yet more light be found in us because of Fr. Don.

Thomas J Cook

Thank you, Don, for inspiring so many of us to read the Bible at a deeper level and to listen to God's call within the text. You will be missed but your legacy lives on. May the peace of Christ be with your family and community at this time.

C. Vanessa White

Don Senior was President of CTU when I was hired as the Director of the Tolton Program in 1998. He was always supportive of me during my tenure as director and attended our Harambee Fundraiser every year with his sister. A gracious man and brilliant scholar, he will be remembered with love and respect. May he rest now with the holy ones.

Johanna Conway RSM Sydney Australia

Dear Sr. Barbara and the CTU Community My deepest Sympathy on the passing of your much loved, respected and appreciated Donald C.P. I was in the Biblical Spirituality Program in 1989-90. I have used his videos on the Holy Land countless times since. I would never miss his commentary on the Sunday readings. He is a big loss to the world. May he rest in the arms of the God he loved, shared and made known. Johanna Conway

Marion Moeser, OSF, PhD

My condolences to Fr. Don's family and to the CTU community. Let me add to the many contributions Don made in so many circumstances that he also was a mentor to students who pursued doctoral work, including myself. Not only did he guide their studies at CTU but he continued to support their further scholarship and teaching. Fr. Don, himself, served as a model teacher. His gifts remain with us.

Israel Zuñiga

My brother Fr. Juan and I first met Fr. Don during our trip to the Holy Land in 2019. Both of us were greatly impressed by his knowledge and gentleness in managing situations. The trip with CTU came highly recommended and we were both glad we experienced it. It was far more than we expected, and it was obvious from listening to Fr. Don as he spoke at each site that he was not only knowledgeable but very much committed to the endowing everyone with his knowledge. I feel a deep sense of loss to those individuals fortunate enough to visit any country especially the Holy Land with CTU. The memories that I will always carry with me as well as the group photo and the icons I see daily will always keep Fr. Don in my memories. Finally, I leave the family with this thought, once the tears have dried what will remain are the smiles accompanying the fond memories of his teachings, friendship and companionship.

James/J.D. Bindenagel

Father Don Senior brought much light to life. He reached out to us in interfaith dialogue in ways that enriched our lives. May he rest in peace. J.D. Bindenagel

Joshua Mutende Maondo

Tribute to Fr. Don Senior. poem. God will lead. O God open our lip’. And let our supplications to you rise up. For thy servants are in sorrow so deep. For the loss of a dear one we weep. And in this sorrow our hearts leap. For you, O God, have decided to reap. Your servant Don Senior who, to you, was ripe. O God make haste to help us. And if there is zoom in heaven, link us. For life has separated us From a professor so dear to us. A scholar so rouse. A faithful servant that you chose. And now to you and with you he belongs. God, your servant knew your word. Not just by mind but by heart and deed. And he taught to those in need Even to those who would not heed. To biblical scholars, he was their guide. And to the students he was our scriptural dad. A light to the seekers of your word. To his community should I say? Because he was a star in array. Did he belong to one community? No way! For he was a pillar of many communities in anyway. And people would gather around him come what may. For he had wisdom to give away. And a smile to brighten the day. And so, God most merciful. We come to you so sorrowful. Grant eternal rest to our departed brother’s soul. May you grant him pardon from all his foul. May our mother comfort our hearts that are painful. May we meet at the better side of the wall. As we follow your word that he taught us all. poem Composed by: Joshua Mutende Maondo. Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers.

Jan de Jong SCJ

I have joyful memories of our three months trip to Greece, The Holy Land and Egypt under Fathher Don's guidance some time ago. His words were very inspiring. May Father Don rest in peace.

Sr Rosemary Bell

Grateful for you bringing to life the sacred scripture! I was a member of the first graduating class of the Chicago Catholic Scripture School and we used your study bible! Thank you and May you Rest In Peace!🙏🏼🌹

Carlos Medina, OSA

Listening to him explain the prologue of John's Gospel was one of the best moments I have had in a classroom.

Angela Steidley

My heartfelt condolences to all of his family, friends and colleagues. I have been a fan of Fr. Senior since I heard him speak about the Gospel of Matthew many years ago at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. I have read some of his books and was leading a discussion group on Monday night, November 7th, 2022 on his book "Jesus A Gospel Portrait". I did not know he was ill. He enriched us I treasure all he taught us and the kindness and humanity which he communicated when I heard him in person or over Zoom. I rejoice that God shared Fr. Don with us.

Mary Serra Goethals, SCN

My brother, Jim Goethals, traveled to the Holy Land under Fr. Don’s leadership several years ago. Jim was so Impressed with Fr. Don that he hoped to take his sons with Fr. Don the next tour. Unfortunately this did not happen. Jim died the last of Jan this year at 85 years. May God rest their souls.

Mary Delaney

Fr. Don was our group chaplain, guiding us in many retreats and celebrations of our St. Francis de Sales Association. We remember his constant generosity, delight in joining us when he could, ever the gentle man imparting his wisdom and understanding of the Word with the freshness of one who it seemed had just discovered a treasure he could not wait to share. Of course we were small in his life, yet he always blessed us with the welcome of much-valued friends. It stuns us that we shall not be with him again in this fragile life.

Marina Carney

Father Don was one of a kind, and I was so blest to have him say Mass for my husband, Peter Carney when he died January 11, 2019. Father will be desperately missed by all those that loved him including myself. God picks the best to be with him in Heaven. With deepest regret, Marina Carney

Martha Brune Rapp

Remembering a great teacher with gratitude.

Don McEachin CSSp

On behalf of the Spiritan U.S. Province, our deepest condolences to the family, the Passionist Community, and the CTU community. Don Senior was a teacher, friend and mentor to so many of us. He preached what he believed and lived what he preached. So many wonderful memories. May the Angels lead you into Paradise, Don. Until we meet again. Donald McEachin CSSp Spiritan Provincial, U.S. Province

George & Anne Bettinger

To paraphrase Shakespeare "He should have died hereafter, there would have been a time for such a word.". He was a gentle man- priest, scholar and friend to us, and by knowing him our lives have been enriched and changed in many ways. We give great thanks to God for bringing him into our lives and that of so many others. There are no adequate words to express the void his passing creates, but I suspect he would urge us not to grieve but to rather take up his mission and carry on in the joy that proclaiming Jesus' passion meant to him. Eternal rest in God's presence be yours Fr. Don, and pray for us who follow in your footsteps.

Mary Catherine Meek

Fr. Don was an amazing person, a true vessel of the Lord. A great teacher, he always had an insight to share which could open up the Scripture in yet another new way. My condolences to his family of origin and his Passionist family. May he rest in peace. Amen.

Sister Maureen Helak,csssf

I am grateful for the knowledge he imparted in regard to Scriptures; I also appreciated his homilies he shared of Sunday Liturgies. May he rest in peace. I will have a Mass said in his intention.

Fr. Ashton Simon Pierre C.S.Sp.

Please accept my sincere condolences. I treasured every moment in his class. I appreciated the way he made important the small details. I will offer Mass for him. Eternal rest be granted him O Lord. Sincerely Fr. Ashton Pierre C.S.Sp.

Sr Janet Lawrence

As a convert from Judaism to Catholicism I especially Wanted to take a class on St Paul. I must have cried at least 10 times as Fr Don so humbly passed on his gift of knowledge. He was a kind and gentle man. I thank our God for the opportunity to have been in the presence of his beloved son, Fr Don Senior.

Elena Chermak

Fr. Senior was a wise and inspiring scholar who generously shared his knowledge with others. He was a gift to our Church in Chicago, and the world. His legacy lives on in the lives he touched and the students he taught. Thank you, Father Senior.

Donna Paolucci

*May he rest in Peace w/Our Lord for all Eternity; Amen & Thank you. 🙂

Kevin McClone

Don was a gracious, warm and compassionate man who was an excellent scholar, teacher and gentle soul. I am a better person for having been influenced by his liturgies, homilies, teaching and leadership at CTU. To have the honor to teach at the same institution for many years has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. Don you will be deeply missed. Perhaps his greatest gift was his sensitivity to persons from all walks of life. Thanks Don, Love you and miss you, Kevin McClone

Jay Nawrocki

Besides Fr. Don's insights and scholarship on the New Testament, I will miss his warm, welcoming smile. I always appreciated his upbeat and friendly personality when I met him in the hallways or elevator here at CTU. It was truly an honor and a pleasure to know him.

Kent and Mary Ann Fuller

Father Senior was a remarkable person with his Biblical insight into his Israeli trip - weaving the Roman, Catholic and present political and historical stories as he led his group with energy, enthusiasm & humor.

Sr. Palepa Ioane smsm

Rest in God's Loving Arms and Peace dear Fr. Don Senior. I studied at CTU in 2010-2012 and a few of us Religious used to come to your community for morning Mass and you always greeted us with a beautiful smile with a gentle "good morning sisters". You were very approachable when you were a President at CTU during my studies and I thank you for making us students felt very proud of studying at CTU. In gratitude Fr. Don, I thank you also for sharing your wisdom with us every week with your Scriptural Reflections. Rest in PEACE dear Fr. Don Senior. Pray for us please. My condolences to the Passionist Fathers Community and Sr. Barbara Reid and CTU community for your great loss. United always in prayers.

Rev. Michael Ajayi

A great scholar and simple teacher. Fr Don, you are a good model. Your legacies are there for us to see and emulate. May your soul rest in peace.

Pamela Avellanosa

It is my deepest sorrow to know that CTU has lost one of its kindest, jolliest, most inspiring foundation. I am truly blessed to be in one of his classes. I remember that it was only Fr. Don's class that students clapped with so much appreciation for his amazing teaching style when the term was over. Thank you fr.Don you're truly a hero and your legacy is already memorialized in our hearts and minds.

Laurie Brink, O.P.

When I was a novice, I studied at CTU. I had hopes of becoming a biblical scholar. On a chance encounter with then President Donald Senior, he had learned of my hopes, and said, "And someday you'll teach here." A decade later, true to his word, he hired me. I am so privilege to stand on the shoulders of CTU giants like our dear Don.

Joshua Mutende Maondo

Tribute to Fr. Don Senior. A marvel for all. O God open our lip’. And let our supplications to you rise up. For thy servants are in sorrow so deep. For the loss of a dear one we weep. And in this sorrow, our hearts leap. For you, O God, have decided to reap. Your servant Don Senior who, to you, was ripe. O God make haste to help us. And if there is zoom in heaven, link us. For life has separated us From a professor so dear to us. A scholar so rouse. A faithful servant that you chose. And now to you and with you, he belongs. God, your servant knew your word. Not just by mind but by heart and deed. And he taught those in need Even to those who would not heed. To biblical scholars, he was their guide. And to the students, he was our scriptural dad. A light to the seekers of your word. To his community should I say? Because he was a star in the array. Did he belong to one community? No way! For he was a pillar of many communities in any way. And people would gather around him come what may. For he had the wisdom to give away. And a smile to brighten the day. And so, God, most merciful. We come to you so sorrowful. Grant eternal rest to our departed brother’s soul. May you grant him pardon for all his foul. May our mother comfort our hearts that are painful. May we meet at the better side of the wall. As we follow your word that he taught us all. Composed by: Joshua Mutende Maondo. Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers.

Clay Diaz

He was a great pastor and scholar.

Marty Fitzgerald

Fr. Don will be missed by all that met him personally and those who were influenced by his preaching and writing. His legacy will last forever. I will remember his smile and his laugh most of all. His retirement party, his 70th birthday celebration, and his kind nature will be memories that I will cherish. Rest in Peace Fr. Don, you will be remembered and will you will live on in all our hearts.

Patrick Madigan

To our beloved former leader, May God Hold you in the palm of his hands all the rest of your days, you will be missed, and your knowledge will be like folklore. May you rest in peace. Pat Madigan

Rick Mauney

I so deeply appreciate and fondly remember Fr. Don's heartfelt sincerity and love in all that he did, from his brilliant scholarship and teaching, to his quick wit and friendship. May he rest in the peace of God.

Maria De Jesus Lemus

It is truly a sad time for us here at CTU. Fr. Don was so dedicated to the mission of CTU. My heartfelt condolences to Fr. Don's family, religious community, CTU community and his colleagues. May Fr. Don rest in eternal peace.

Andrew Johnson

A truly wonderful and friendly gentleman. He always made me feel welcome and comfortable. I will miss seeing his smiling face in the halls and at our gatherings.

Carmen Salas

Fr. Don will be sorely missed. He had such devotion to his work, teaching, and ministry. Que Dios lo tenga en su gloria.

Diane McCormack, IHM

My life is richer for knowing Don as a gentle man, superb teacher, theologian and friend.

Tim Crum

Father Don was a kind and good man, and always an inspiration. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Regina Sinjwala

My heartfelt Condolences for the loss of Fr. Don. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Melania Jung

Rest in Peace in God's kingdom.

Dr Mary McAleese

I send my condolences to all Fr. Don’s family, friends and colleagues. Thank God for his good life. May he find a welcome among the angels and continue to inspire goodness on earth.

Patti westphal

Through out your life you meet lots of people but only a handful you will remember 30 years later In a special way. My husband and I travelled to Israel and Jordan with Father Senior. Our lives were changed by his incredible commonsense, soft spoken spirituality that made you want to sit at his feet and soak up his words about Jesus and the disciples on our journey through the HolyLand. What a gift we received thank you Father Senior .

Mary Ann Spina

The Church has lost an immense treasure and brilliant mind. At every single class, lecture or workshop that I attended with Don, I came away with a pearl of great price. Don had tremendous insight into the Scriptures and such a marvelous way of teaching and sharing. I will be forever grateful for every moment I was privileged to learn from him. May Don be welcomed in heaven with the same graciousness and warmth with which he welcomed every student to CTU.

Sr. Maureen Lamarche, CND

You came to Japan many years ago with Fr. Caroll Stuhlmuller and and inspired us missionaries with your great love for the Bible. The Bible Today was my treasure over many years. Thank you

Margaret Hinchey

My deepest sympathy to all at CTU on the death of Fr Donald Senior. My time at CTU in 1990 gave me the opportunity to enjoy his leadership, pastoral care and especially his biblical lectures that provided inspiration for my subsequent ministry over many years to the present. May he now enjoy the fruits of his generous living of the gospel of Jesus. Rest in peace.

Brother John Dornbos, CFC

What an absolutely magnificent man, priest, teacher, scholar, friend, etc. I probably had him 8 or 10 times for courses, workshops, etc. I always came away inspired. And his spirit just filled CTU. May it continue among you. Prayers. John

PS. My heart goes out to the Passionist community also.

Sr Elizabeth Gilroy LCM

My deepest sympathy on the death of Fr. Don. I attended CTU attending lectures as well as the Formation Program and always tried to attend his lectures, even if they were not on my program. I found him so inspiring. Thank you Fr Don,
Rest In Peace,
Elizabeth Gilroy LCM

Tom and Sharon Taylor

We first met Fr. Don on a tour he led following the footsteps of St. Paul through Greece and Turkey. We were amazed by his grace, knowledge, empathy and stamina. The masses he celebrated in a garden near Thessaloniki, an ancient harbor in Corinth, a cave in Cappadocia, and again in a cave in modern day Antioch, were especially memorable. Don represented the Catholic faith and CTU well. We are blessed to have known him.

Michael J. McNulty

A sweet soul, and very kind and engaging gentleman. I will always remember his goodness, even more than his brilliance

Kay and Bob Murdy

Fr. Don was a regular presenter at our Catholic Bible Institute in Los Angeles, CA. We were always impressed by his brilliant scholarship, but also by his humility. We will miss him. Your friends, Kay and Bob Murdy

Irment Austin

Rest in Peace Father Senior and thank you for your beautiful smile.

Young Shin

God's blessings and peace