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Catholic Women Preach: Raising Voices, Renewing the Church

This series of three volumes, following the A, B, C Cycles of the lectionary, offer homilies by Catholic women from the around the world. This is taken from an ongoing project, “Catholic Women Preach,” https://www.catholicwomenpreach.org/ which has featured videos every Sunday for six years. Though the texts are available on the website, this series will make them available in print form for weekly meditation, an inspiration for homilists, and a resource for courses in homiletics. 


 “In this book, Betty Anne Donnelly and Russ Petrus have gathered a liturgical year’s worth of wisdom from some of the most insightful, gifted Catholic women of our day. This text will accompany Catholics in prayer and reflection. It will inspire preachers and hearers of God’s word. Most importantly, it will remind us all that women’s voices have been at the heart of the Christian message since Mary Magdalene first witnessed the empty tomb on Easter morning.”—Natalia Imperatori-Lee, author, Cúentame: Narrative in the Ecclesial Present


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