Thriving in Ministry at Catholic Theological Union promotes the integrated wellbeing of professionals in Catholic ministry and the environments in which they work. The latest studies on flourishing in ministry, along with our own ongoing research will help us to understand and respond to the needs and realities of religious and lay ministers in the Catholic church. Explore the research. Connect with us. Seek to thrive in your ministry.

Visiting Scholar for Thriving in Ministry

Maria Clara Kreis, CDP, PhD, LP

Explore studies on thriving in ministry and if you are an interested researcher consider doing a project with us


Contact people and resources at CTU for learning and support as you pursue your own wellbeing in ministry


Consider participating in one of our ongoing programs

Life Satisfaction Scale for Apostolic Women Religious

Assessing wellbeing of women religious (across generation cohorts, cultures,) and congregations world-wide.

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For general information, contact:
Marian Diaz. DMin

Director of Thriving in Ministry

Ph: 773.371.5436