CTU students are the hope for the future of the Catholic Church

Since Catholic Theological Union was established in 1968, in the renewed spirit and vision of the Second Vatican Council, we have grown to be the premier school of theology and ministry. Our mission is to prepare effective leaders for the Church, ready to witness to Christ’s good news of justice, love, and peace.


CTU is shaping the future of the Church. One in six religious order priests ordained in the United States is a CTU graduate. CTU alumni number more than 4,500 and serve the Church across the United States and in 60 countries worldwide.They work in parishes, homeless shelters, prisons, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, hospices, social service organizations, and a myriad of other ministry settings. They are able to apply the best of the Catholic tradition to their work in situations of conflict and adversity that exist in so many places in the United States and around the globe. Through the diversity of gifts and human experiences that they encounter at CTU, they recognize the needs of the world and are equipped to meet them.


As our Church confronts increasing challenges, CTU continues to be part of the solution through our tradition of faith, transparency and acceptance. Thank you for your support.



Rachel Kuhn, Director of Development