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The Way Society

The Acts of the Apostles tell us that the very first name the earliest followers of Jesus gave themselves was the people of The Way.
 Only later, when the gospel had spread to Antioch, did people outside the community name them “Christians” (see Acts 11:26). The name The Way implied that these early disciples of Jesus were committed to following in his footsteps and living as he did. It also reminded them—and us—that as people of faith we are on a lifelong journey to God.

Inspired by this first name for the Christian community, Catholic Theological Union (CTU) has created The Way Society to recognize those persons whose dedication and generosity led them to remember CTU in their estate plans.

Wills, life insurance policies, retirement accounts and other planning vehicles can offer special ways to leave a lasting legacy to charitable interests. There are also ways to provide for meaningful future gifts while generating income, immediate tax savings, and other benefits today.


After providing for your loved ones, you can leave a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, a certain property, or “what’s left” of your estate to a specific charity.



If you own life insurance policies that have accumulated cash value but are no longer needed for their original purposes, the value of such policies can be used to make gifts that provide welcome tax savings today. In addition or as an alternative to a gift by will, giving all or a portion of life insurance proceeds can also result in significant estate tax savings.


Thank You

We offer you this charitable giving information to consider how you may want to remember your charities of choice. We recognize that you hold dear many worthy causes and we at CTU are grateful to count you amongst our friends. Colleen Kennedy would be happy to assist and may be reached at 773.371.5417 or

Contributions to CTU serve as a catalyst for positive change