Summer Institute 2018
Course Descriptions


Philosophical Ethics  (online course)

A study of major philosophical approaches to ethical matters, including the nature of ethical reasoning, a comparison of major ethical theories, and detailed case studies.  Herman Stark, PhD,  Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at CTU.


WEEK ONE:   June 11-15


Formation of Catholic Identity:  Beyond Crucifixes and Chapel Veils 

How do we approach forming children, young adults, and adults in true Christian identity?  What are the sources that ground us in this identity?  Sr. Mary Paul McGaughey, OP, Former Superintnedent of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago and Instructional Assistant Faculty at DePaul University, Chicago.


Canonical Issues in Pastoral Ministry

This course will examine laws of the Church as they pertain to pastoral ministry in the parish setting.  It will focus on the nature of law in the Church, the notion of parish, Christian Initiation and other sacraments, particularly marriage.  Fr. Ramil Fajardo, JCD, Member of the Marriage Tribunal in the Archdiocese of Chicago.


Reading the Bible Latinamente for Preaching and Teaching Ministries

Dr. Carmen Nanko-Fernandez, Director and Professor of the HispanicTheology and Ministry Program at  CTU.


The Book of Genesis

An in depth study of the first book of the Bible, including Creation Accounts and Stories of the Families of Ancient Israel.  Fr. James Okoye, CSSp, DPhil, Director of Center for Spiritan Studies, Duquesne University, former member of the Bible Dept. at CTU.


Spirituality for a Globalizing Church

This course explores the relationships, exclusions, and expected and unexpected points of connection and disconnection among spiritualities in global contexts by engaging with three global theologies:  feminist, liberation, and post-colonial.   Sr. Min-Ah Cho, RSCJ,


Photography as a Spiritual Practice

Students will participate in a group theological reflection process that involves daily photography and group contemplation of images they choose.  They will learn how to facilitate this process in their ministry contexts.  All students must bring to class and know the basics of how to use the camera on their smartphone, or other camera.  Dr.  Eileen Crowley, Associate Professor of Liturgy, Arts and Communication at CTU.


Han and the Sinned-Against:  Asian American Theology

This course is an introduction to Korean and Korean-American  understandings of “han” (torn heart/frustrated hope/black hole in the soul) and how this resource challenges Roman Catholic theology to focus upon salvation for the victims of sin in this world.   The course introduces a method of intercultural hermeneutics as a means for bringing “han” into critical dialogue with Roman Catholic understandings of salvation. Dr.  Kevin Considine, PhD,  Assistant Professor of Theology, Calumet College of St. Joseph (Kevin is also a graduate of CTU)


Economic Justice

This course will cover Christian economic ethics as it developed in history: Biblical, early Church and medieval views;  and will focus especially on Catholic Social Thought from 1891-present. Contemporary economic issues will be addressed, including poverty and immigration, but subject to student interest.  Dr.  Kate Ward, PhD,  Assistant Professor, Marquette University Department of Theology.  (Kate is also a graduate of CTU)


Pope Francis and his New Interreligious Dialogue of Social Action

This course will begin by examining the four different forms of interreligious dialogue identified by the Post-Vatican II Church.  With the foundation of St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict, we will turn to the dialogue emphasized by Pope Francis:  “the dialogue of social action.”  Dr.  Donald W. Mitchell, PhD,  Professor Emeritus, Purdue University.


The Pastoral Epistles

As instructional letters to younger pastors, Paul’s Pastoral Epistles are invaluable today.  These letters include First and Second Timothy and Titus. Fr.  Ferdinand Okorie, CMF, PhD.  Lecturer at Loyola University, Chicago.

WEEK  TWO:  June 18-22


Music in Life Passage Rites:  Baptism, Matrimony and Christian Burial

An examination of the various ritual moments in infant baptisms, wedding and funeral rites, and the role music can take in strengthening and enhancing the community’s experiences of them.  Dr/ Jennifer Budziak, DMA,  Past Music Director at Several Chicago Parishes, currently on the staff of GIA Publications.


Theology of Ministry

One’s understanding of God and the Church are basic to ministerial outreach and service.  This course will highlight the fundamental theology and ecclesiology that give rise to ministry.  Fr. Thomas O’Meara, OP, PhD,  Professor Emeritus, University of Notre Dame and author of Theology of Ministry.


African American Biblical Perspectives

This course is an introduction to the history of African American biblical interpretation.  Beginning in the 19th Century, we will examine the works of abolitionists and former slaves.  Then, we will study the writings of preachers, scholars and theologians from the Jim Crow period and the Civil Rights era.  The course will conclude with contemporary African American biblical scholarship, including womanist and post-colonial interpretation.  Dr.  Stacy Davis, PhD.  Professor of Religious Studies at St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana.


Reading and Writing Theology

In order to increase the students’ understanding of theological texts, they will learn to recognize the primary modes of discourse used by theologians in their writings.  Students will also practice writing in the major genres they might be expected to use when studying theology.   Kathleen Martin, MA,  Director of the Writing and Resource Center at CTU.


Mystagogy of Eucharist

A reflective walk-through of the Mass, with particular attention to the ritual actions.  Readings, discussion and Power Point presentations will explore what participation in celebration of the Eucharist can mean in daily living.   Fr. Gilbert Ostdiek, OFM, PhD.   Professor of Liturgy at CTU.


Pastoral Ministry as Justice Praxis (A)

Dr. Kathleen Dorsey-Bellow, DMin.   Associate Director for Black Catholic Studies, Xavier University of Louisiana.


Predicando  Dios, Fe y Dinero;  Preaching:  God, Faith and Money

Un enfoque bilingue para la predicacion y la recaudacion de fondos en un context Latin@. A bilingual approach to preaching and fundraising with a Latin@  context.  Fr.  Eddie DeLeon, CMF, DMin,  Assistant Professor of Pastoral Studies and Director of Intercultural Outreach, CTU.

WEEK THREE:  June 25-29


Rahner on Spirituality

This course will explore Rahner’s thoughts on  human existence, grace, God, Christ and the Church, with discussin of ways Rahner can help one to grow spiritually.  Readings will be taken from his book:  THE GREAT CHURCH YEAR.  Fr. James Bacik, DPhil,  Adjunct Professor of Humanities, University of Toledo, OH. 


Biblical Foundations of the Writings of Pope Francis

This course will investigate some of the biblical foundations of several themes present in the recent writings of Pope Francis.  They will include:  The reign of God as found in The Joy of the Gospel; ecological matters in Laudato Si (Praise be to you, my Lord);  and the mercy of God in The Face of Mercy.

Sr. Dianne Bergant, CSA, PhD,   Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies, Emerita, CTU.


Pastoral Ministry as Justice Praxis (B)


Dr. Nelson Araque, DMin,  Facilitator, Cursos en Linea at University of Dayton.


Micah, Context and Content

This course will review the history of ancient Israel, especially at the time of the Prophets, and will study the book of the Prophet, Micah in depth. Sr.  Luma Khudher, OP, PhD.   Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, Iraq.



Parables in the Gospel of Luke

An exploration of the parables in the Gospel of Luke as stories that challenge the hearer to conversion.   Attention will be given to the historical, literary, and cultural realities reflected in the Gospel, to its theological themes, and to insights for preaching and teaching parabolically  Sr. .Barbara Reid, OP, PhD.  Vice President and Academic Dean and Professor of New Testament Studies at CTU.



St. Paul and the Liturgy:  a School of Prayer and Communion

This course will focus on the foundational texts found in the writings of Paul that contribute to Christian liturgy.  Fr.  Richard Fragomeni, PhD, Professor of Liturgy and Preaching at CTU;  Rector of the Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii, Chicago.    Richard will be joined by  Fr. Bartolo Puca,STD, SSD.


Post-Colonial Pilgrimage

Sr. Joanne Jaruko Doi, MM, PhD,  Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Studies and Ministry, CTU.


Jewish-Christian Dialogue

This course will study the key documents pertaining to Jewish-Christian dialogue, as well as key turning points that are central to the history of such dialogue.  We will also consider the horizons that lie ahead for Jewish-Christian relations and techniques to keep in mind when practicing inter-faith dialogue. Dr.  Malka Simkovich, PhD, Director of the Catholic-Jewish Studies Program,  and holder of the Crown-Ryan Chair in Jewish Studies at CTU.


The Johannine Vision of the Christian Life

The Gospel of John has served as a prime source for what it means to be a Christian since the beginning of the Church.  This course will explore the profound theology and spirituality of this Gospel and reflect on its meaning for Christian life in the 21st Century.  Fr.   Donald Senior,  CP, STD, President Emeritus and Chancellor, and Professor of New Testament Studies at CTU.


The New Asian Pastoral Letter, of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops

This course will provide an overview of this recent Pastoral Letter, as well as highlight its significant content and statements. Fr. Linh Hoang, OFM, PhD,  Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Siena College, New York.