CTU President's Christmas Message

No Christian belief is more extravagant than the one expressed in the prologue to the Gospel of John: “the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” (Jn 1: 14). This mystery of the incarnation is far from an abstract idea. It states categorically that God came to us as a human being, sharing our joys and sorrows, hopes and limitations. The message that this divine Word made flesh heralds is most fully expressed by the term “love”—a love poured out without limits; a love that triumphs over sin and death. After creation itself, the most eloquent way in which God could express the heart of the divine message for humanity is Jesus Christ—the embodiment of love lived fully in the human condition. May this year’s celebration of Christmas bring to all of us an ever-deepening appreciation for God’s love for us, made manifest in Jesus Christ—and a love that continues to be made real and tangible by women and men who work for peace and justice in our world.


From all of us at Catholic Theological Union—Merry Christmas!


Fr. Mark R. Francis, CSV