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Guides to Make the Most of Your Library

A growing collection of guides will help you learn to use Bechtold Library resources, find materials by subject, and get help when you need it! 


How to Log In to Use Electronic Resources

Steps to Effective Library Research

Tools for Better Searching

Bible Commentaries and Criticism (Electronic)

Accessing and Using E-books


Trouble Accessing A Resource?

If you’re new to CTU,  you must set up a user name and password to use with the Library. The IT Department manages those accounts. Contact the Help Desk using your CTU e-mail address for assistance. If you are able to log in to most resources but are having trouble with a specific electronic item, please contact Deb Winarski.

Learn what you need before you can use databases, e-books, and other subscription tools.


What materials does the Library have to support you in your studies? This presentation provides an overview of our materials and how to find them.

This presentation contains links to particular areas of the web site. Download the version containing the links here: Web Site Introduction.


Zotero 5.0 is a free tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research. The program can be downloaded for use on Mac and Windows operating systems (full systems only – no mobile/ tablet systems).  Here is Harvard Library’s introduction to downloading and using the tool.

ZoteroBib helps you build a bibliography instantly from any computer or device, without creating an account or installing any software. All you need is a URL, ISBN, DOI, or title to begin creating your list. Check it out here.

The library offers a search tool called EBSCO Discovery Service that integrates records from dozens of electronic databases, some popular open source resources, and the library catalog.

The presentations above will introduce you to the general features of EDS (though your screen will look different because it has been customized for CTU).

You can find EBSCO Discovery Service by looking on the Library’s  Research Resources page or by clicking here.