A Prayer of Healing for our Nation

Dear CTU Community, friends, and supporters,

We are deeply grieved by the violence that gripped our nation’s capital today. In a democratic society such as ours, we have come to expect peaceful transitions of power, even when we do not all agree on who we think would best lead our country. What is most deeply troubling is that in the years leading up to today, there has been a steady erosion of truth-telling as well as an escalation of hatred, racism, and xenophobia, all of which is so antithetical to the gospel values which we espouse. We pray for healing in this sadly divided nation, and for our collective ability to face truthfully the injustices in which we are complicit and to commit ourselves to transformative action for justice. We call upon the power of the Holy Spirit to lead us to fulfill our deepest desires for peace and well-being for all peoples and all creation.


Sr. Barbara Reid, OP