Forward in Faith


Now more than ever, our parishes, our communities, our Church and our world need the kind of leaders who are educated and formed by the kind of institution that CTU continually strives to be. One that employs both ancient wisdom and bold imagination. One that speaks in ways the ever-changing world can understand while remaining faithful to the unchanging truth of Christ’s saving gospel.

In that spirit of bold faith, this Anniversary Campaign offers a chance to reimagine what theological study and a seminary education can offer men and women — religious and laity — while building on a half century of success. The interrelated Campaign priorities detailed below will propel CTU forward in service to our local and global Church as the twenty-first century unfolds.

Campaign Impact

“Philanthropy is critical to Catholic Theological Union,” says Rev. Mark Francis, CTU President. “Our mission impacts the lives of future leaders in the Church and the communities they serve all over the world. Your philanthropic support creates the pathways for our mission to thrive, locally, nationally and globally, enabling our graduates and the greater CTU community to move the Church forward.”

Your Gifts.
The Church's Gain.

This campaign will fuel innovation in theological education and programing that is responsive to current needs of the Church, as well as emerging societal needs. Every gift to the campaign increases access to CTU for future faith leaders and every gift accelerates the impact we can have on our parishes, our communities, the Church and our world.


Next Generation Challenge

Engaging and inspiring the next generation of CTU community members is critical. With that keen awareness, an anonymous donor has made a significant challenge grant to motivate new friends and donors to support CTU’s mission.

Support the Campaign

Supporting CTU's Forward in Faith Campaign is one of the best investments you can make. Every gift, no matter what the size, helps to advance the school’s mission and vision to be a transformative force in the Church and our world for affirming human dignity and the sacredness of God's creation.

The Way Society

CTU is embracing this moment to build membership in The Way Society, our community of donors who have named CTU in their wills or other estate plans.

When it comes to theological formation
for the challenges of today’s world,
CTU is the light that all religious orders need.

Very Rev. Rosendo Urrabazo, CMF