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Luzbetak Lecture with Michael A. Rynkiewich

October 07, 2019 @ 4:00 PM - October 07, 2019 @ 5:30 PM

Research, Practice, and Training: The Challenge of Mission in an Increasingly Mobile and Complex World.

Old groupings are breaking up, people are on the move or are fleeing home and then settling in new places. Many people seem to be able to speak several languages and are competent in several cultural settings.  Doing mission has become an even greater challenge than simple cross-cultural communication. How does one conduct missiological research in a community that may disappear tomorrow? How does one train new missionaries for work in a field that will certainly morph into something else? Changing times call for new perspectives on mission.


About the presenter

Michael Rynkiewich earned a BA in Anthropology from Bethel College in St. Paul; then an MA and PhD in Anthropology at the University of Minnesota (1972).  Later he earned an MDiv. from Asbury Theological Seminary.  His doctoral research on land tenure was carried out in the Marshall Islands on a coral atoll in middle of the Pacific.  He taught for ten years at Macalester College, and has served as an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, both as a local pastor and as a missionary anthropologist at the Melanesian Institute in Papua New Guinea (1997-2002).  Then he taught for 8 years at Asbury Seminary before retiring in 2010.  Among his many publications are an early reader on Ethics and Anthropology (1976) edited with James P. Spradley, a series on Land and Churches in Melanesia (2001 and 2004), and a textbook for teaching, Soul, Self, and Society: A Postmodern Anthropology for Mission in a Postcolonial World (2011).


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