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50th Anniversary Bible Land Tours



To celebrate its 50th anniversary year in 2018–2019 as a premier school of theology, CTU will sponsor three special tours of the biblical lands: to Greece and Turkey in October, 2018, to Egypt in February, 2019, and to Israel and Jordan in June, 2019.


From the very beginning of its 50th year life-span, Catholic Theological Union has had a deep connection with the lands of the Bible through its renowned Bible department. Each year CTU students and faculty have spent a semester abroad studying in Jerusalem and exploring the adjacent biblical sites in Jordan, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey.


Beginning in 1988 and continuing every year since, Rev. Donald Senior, CP, professor of New Testament and President Emeritus, has conducted biblical tours designed for board members and friends of CTU. Nearly 800 people have participated in these special tours that include deluxe travel, five-star hotels, opportunities for worship at sacred sites, and expert biblical commentary on archaeological sites that form the historical foundations of our Christian faith.


Download the flyer to learn more about each of the tours.


Click here to learn about The Birth of Christianity: Greece and Turkey, from October 5 to 20, 2018.


Online registration will be available for Egypt and the Holy Land in April.


If you have questions, please email Colleen Kennedy at CTU.