“I am very pleased that [CTU] will continue my legacy and ecclesial vision,

which are based on the teaching and reforms of the Second Vatican Council.”  

Cardinal Joseph Bernardin

October 9, 1996




Bernardin Scholars

This endowment serves as an extension of support of the existing Bernardin Scholarship Endowment Fund.  The Bernardin Scholarship offers gifted women and men the opportunity to earn a graduate theology degree while focusing on one of Cardinal Bernardin’s Signature Issues: reconciliation and  peacemaking, interreligious dialogue, the consistent ethic of life, leadership development for the Catholic Church, and Common Ground.


The Bernardin Scholarship provides graduate theological education to those inspired by and drawn to the vision of Cardinal Bernardin. This full tuition scholarship is available to accepted students in the Masters of Arts or the Doctor of Ministry degree programs.


Becoming a Bernardin Scholar means the beginning of a rigorous and communal period of study, discernment, and reflection. As you grow and progress as a Scholar, you’ll have opportunity to be both apprentice to senior-level CTU faculty as well as mentor to new and incoming students.


We’re excited to embrace the distinctive talents you will bring to our community.