Beloved Community Internship Initiative

A Call For Applications

The Catholic Muslim Studies Program seeks applications from qualified CTU students for the pilot program of its new Beloved Community Internship Initiative (BCII).

What exactly is the BCII?

Rooted in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a “Beloved Community” founded on a radical commitment to social justice, the BCII has three interrelated objectives: to afford highly motivated CTU students the opportunity to engage in supervised ministry in order to acquire experience in the interfaith praxis of faith-based community organizing (FBCO) for justice and community development; to forge lasting bonds of solidarity between CTU and the residents of Chicago’s Marquette Park Neighborhood who have been struggling against the forces of structural racism and economic marginalization for decades; to help support the work of Partner Organizations with established competencies in FBCO and who are working for the sake of greater justice and community development in Marquette Park.

Which are the BCII’s Marquette Park Faith-Based Partner Organizations?

The BCII’s Marquette Park Partner Organizations are:

Inner City Muslim Action Network (2744 W 63rd)

Southwest Organizing Project (2558 W 63rd)
St. Rita of Cascia Roman Catholic Church (6243 S Fairfield)

The Maria Kaupas Center (2740 W 68th St.)

Shalom B’nai Zaken E.H.C. (6601 S. Kedzie)

Am I eligible to apply for the BCII?

Yes—if you are a part-time or full-time student who has been admitted to a CTU degree or certificate program and has registered for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. you are eligible to be considered for a Beloved Community Internship

How many internships will be awarded in the 2018-2019 pilot year?

CMSP will be awarding between four and six internships in this pilot year.

Is this a paid or unpaid internship?

This is a paid internship at the standard work-study rate of $20/hour.

What is the time commitment and how much will Beloved Community Interns be paid?

The standard expectation will be that each intern will provide the Partner Organization they are serving with between 8 hours/week of their time, with an overall goal of providing between 120 and 150 hours of service per semester.

What is the term of the internship?

The normal term is two full semesters, running consecutively from the beginning of the Fall Semester to the close of the Spring Semester.

What are the basic responsibilities of a Beloved Community Intern?

In addition to offering 8-10 hours or service per week, responsibilities include: participation in an interview meeting with representatives of BCII Partner Organizations; scheduling regular meetings with one’s Partner Organization Supervisor; recording the Supervisor’s feedback for the purposes of compiling a semi-annual self-evaluation; meeting with the other interns as a cohort on a mutually agreed upon date once each semester for directed theological refection; and submission of a final 2,000-word reflection paper on one’s internship experience; participation in a BCII Cohort-Supervisors Capstone Meeting to be held at CTU at the end of the Spring Semester; completion of a confidential BCII program exit evaluation at the end of one’s term of service.

Complete the online application form by 17:00hrs CDT on Friday, September 14th, 2018.