Areas of Assessment

The LSSAWR assesses the satisfaction levels of women religious regarding five areas:

Congregational Character:

Viability of the congregation moving forward.

Individual Well-Being:

Sense of well-being with this life choice.

Membership Viability:

Personal and communal efforts to sustain and increase membership.

Holistic Growth & Commitment:

Personal and professional growth and commitment to this life choice.


Relationships within the congregation and external to it.

The LSSAWR also provides a Total Score that reflects one's overall level of satisfaction. Participants in our studies can receive their LSSAWR scores in the above mentioned areas immediately!

Dissertation: Copyright © May 22, 2010; for entire text (including the LSSAWR) by Maria Clara Kreis C.D.P., Ph.D.; The Library of Congress, United States Copyright Office