Resources & Publications


  • Reconciliation, Restorative Justice, and Spirituality are big topics.  And they are often misunderstood even among those who share similar beliefs, creeds, and communities. Therefore, the Schreiter Institute is committed to providing a variety of web resources to clarify our own understanding of Reconciliation, Restorative Justice, and the Spirituality of the Precious Blood.  These all come from the wisdom of women and men who have found their vocations in the work of justice and healing a broken world through discerning how to move in harmony with God’s Spirit.  We hope these will help you in your life, work, and ministry.  They are by scholars and practitioners who engage in praxis: where theory and practice are always together in conversation for the refinement of learning how to take part in God’s work of justice, healing, and peacemaking. These will include videos, lectures, articles, music, links to books, and much more.


Below are a list of fothcoming resources from the Schreiter Institute.


  • Lectures on the Ministry of Reconciliation by Robert J. Schreiter, CPPS
  • Featured articles by various members and friends of Precious Blood Communities
  • Selected articles from the Journal of Precious Blood Spirituality
  • Videos introducing the connection between Spirituality, Reconciliation, and Restorative Justice




Continuing Education

CTU offers opportunities throughout the year to deepen knowledge and expand skills through a diverse selection of online courses.