Expanded Classroom

French Spirituality in Global Perspective

May 2020 Course


Sr. Mary Frohlich, RSCJ

Professor of Spirituality


Tuesdays, April 21– May 19, 2020 @ 9 – 11:45 am

The French spirituality that blossomed in the seventeenth century has profoundly influenced the theory and practice of Catholic religious life, priesthood, and lay life down to the present day and throughout the world. Hundreds of religious congregations have French origins, and tens of thousands of priests have been formed in seminaries rooted in French spirituality. This course studies major figures of the founding period as well as later developments, including the impact of French missions in North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Oceania, Indochina, and the Middle East.

This class is being offered in a modified distance-learning format. Lectures will be recorded and available on the class website. Those participating at a distance will be able to view the lecture at a convenient time, and join a discussion with the faculty and other on-line students. Join the conversation and audit this course for $300. Participants seeking academic credit and/or auditors who have never attended a course at CTU will be required to complete a brief application for admission. Register or learn more by completing the form below or contact Janet Hoffman at academicservices@ctu.edu or 773-371-5444.