Expanded Classroom

Biblical Foundations of Spirituality

Fall 2020 Course


Sr. Laurie Brink, OP

Professor of New Testament Studies 


Mondays, September 8 – December 21 @ 9-11:45 am

This course will survey the major themes and traditions in the religious experience of ancient Israel and early Christianity as they are reflected in the books of the Old and New Testaments. These texts will be studied in order to draw from the biblical tradition a solid grounding for a contemporary biblical spirituality. Special attention will be given to the biblical images of God, the nature and self-understanding of the faith community, the various modes of prayer and worship, and the ethical demands for justice and peace in the biblical world and in our own.

This class is being offered in a modified distance-learning format. Lectures will be recorded and available on the class website. Those participating at a distance will be able to view the lecture at a convenient time and join a discussion with the faculty and other online students. Join the conversation and audit this course for $600. Participants seeking academic credit and/or auditors who have never attended a course at CTU will be required to complete a brief application for admission. Register or learn more by completing the form below or contact Janet Hoffman at academicservices@ctu.edu or 773-371-5444.