Degrees Information

MDiv - General (81 credit-hours)

The Master of Divinity program prepares students for full-time professional ministry in the Roman Catholic Church. As the basic professional degree in ministry, the M.Div. provides general ministry preparation and offers a variety of opportunities for more specific concentration within the program.

MDiv Fulfilling Academic Requirements for Roman Catholic Ordination (111 credit-hours)

For those seeking to fulfill academic requirements for Roman Catholic Ordination, an additional 30 credit-hours of coursework is required to meet the specifications for academic and ministerial formation as required by The Program of Priestly Formation (Washington: USCCB, 2005).


  • Applicants for the MDiv program should normally have a liberal arts background, including courses in philosophy and undergraduate theology.
  • MDiv – 9 semester-hours of philosophy
  • MDiv Fulfilling Academic Requirements for Roman Catholic Ordination – 30 semester-hours of philosophy; 12 semester-hours of theology or religious studies


Note: CTU offers a selection of courses in philosophy to help MDiv students meet the prerequisites in philosophy for this degree. Students may take CTU 3000 level theology courses to meet the prerequisites in theology or religious studies. Advanced standing rather than credit will be given in those theological areas

Educational Goals and Outcomes

  • Exercises pastoral leadership in the Roman Catholic Church as a lay or ordained minister in a variety of pastoral, cultural, and geographic areas;
  • Knows and articulates the Roman Catholic tradition and applies it accurately, proficiently, sensitively, and faithfully;
  • Acquires pastoral skills and demonstrates competence in effective pastoral ministry.


In addition to their coursework, all CTU students participate in spiritual formation that helps them integrate their theological coursework into their daily lives. For more information about formation programs at CTU, click here.