A Graduate School of Theology and Ministry

On the occasion of Catholic Theological Union’s 50th Anniversary, a call was made for nominations to reflect on and recognize the important contributions that have been made by CTU graduates in theology and ministry. Nominations were received from far and wide, from scores of individuals — faculty, alumni, and community members — sharing the vital and inspirational work that our alumni have accomplished across the globe. There are countless alumni embodying CTU’s vision to be a transformative force in the Church and world; it’s impossible to limit the field to 50. We are delighted to share a sampling in a two-part series of 50 Inspiring CTU Alumni profiles here and in the Summer 2019 edition of Logos.

Susan Abraham, MA ’95

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Pacific School of Religion

After completing her Masters of Arts degree in theology, Susan, a native of India, has gone on to a very distinguished academic career, earning a ThD from Harvard Divinity School, and now academic dean and professor of theology at the Pacific School of Religion.  Through her expert teaching and many publications, Susan has alerted students to the realities of the global church and the need for justice and mutual respect across cultures and racial and economic boundaries. Her early immersion in the global and mission context of CTU has shaped a remarkably productive vocation as teacher and scholar.

Joe Boland, MA ’07

Vice President for Mission, Catholic Extension

Joe began his career in was a caseworker at Catholic Charities Chicago and has a Master of Public Service Management from DePaul University.  Awarded a Bernardin scholarship, he earned a Masters degree in theology from CTU. Joe now serves as Vice President of Mission for the Catholic Extension Society, a major national Catholic organization that supports the mission of the Catholic Church in marginalized communities across the United States. Most recently Joe has been leading Catholic Extension’s critical work in support of hurricane relief in devastated Puerto Rico.

Salvatore Carzedda, PIME, MDiv ’77


After his graduation from CTU in 1977, Salvatore was assigned to the Philippines. Amongst his fellow religious, Salvatore was playfully called “Mouth of Gold” because his voice was clear and strong. He worked with the Silsilah Movement, an NGO dedicated to building interreligious dialogue between Christians and Muslims in Zamboanga City, a commitment that involved risk because of the acute tensions in the region. Salvatore paid for his commitment with his life. He was shot on his way home from a meeting — one of several CTU graduates to earn the title of a genuine martyr for the Gospel.

Cheryl Cattledge, MDiv ’11

Director of Campus Ministry, Christ the King  Jesuit College Preparatory School

After earning her Master of Divinity degree at CTU and completing the Augustus Tolton Scholars Program, Cheryl became Campus Minister at the newly established Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory School on the west side of Chicago. Her work combines high school campus ministry, religious education, and her passion for fostering an authentic Christian spirit in the entire school. Her Peer Ministry Program provides the students at CTK the opportunity to develop leadership skills and to serve God within their peer community.

Susan Francois, CSJP, MA ’15

Leadership Team, Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace

Susan has used her theological training as a Master of Arts in theology graduate to engage in public media on behalf of the gospel.  In addition to serving on the leadership council for her religious community, she is a regular columnist for the National Catholic Reporter’s Global Sisters Report.  And recently she has been publishing her “Dear @POTUS…” #DailyTweet series.  In no more than 280 characters, the “Dear @POTUS…” tweets express a prayer she has for the President of the United States in light of that day’s or week’s events and motivated by the perspective of Catholic Social Teaching.  

We hope you enjoy the first 25 of our two-part series of Inspiring CTU Alumni profiles. Below are the names of the next 25 Inspiring Alumni whose profiles will be posted here and printed in the Summer 2019 edition of Logos this August.

Luz Eugenia Alvarez, MDiv '14
Mary Amore, DMin ‘04
Cynthia “Sam” Bowns, MA '12
Gioacchino Campese, MA '96
James Cassidy, MDiv '78
Emily (Ruskamp) Cortina, MA '15
Gerald Galipeau, DMin '99
Edwina Gateley, MTS '81
Bill Huebsch, MTS '82
Patricia Hughes, DMin '03
Anne Hunt, IBVM MA '88
Leocadie Lushumbo, MA '14
Julia McStravog, MA '14
Sherry Meyer, MA '91
Kathleen Mitchell, FSPA, MDiv '14
Jay Moses MA '13
Michael Poradek MA/LM '15
Barbara and Norman Shanahan, MA '90
Glenda Spearman, MDiv '04
Mary Ann Pauss Spina, MDiv ‘92, MA '01
Fran Sulzer, FSPA, DMin '96
Clara Ternes, ASC, MA '76
Dr. Michael Trainor, MA
Joshua and Ellen Salmi-Van Cleef, MA '16