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Sundays at CTU – “Interculturality and Table Fellowship”


“Interculturality: Conversion from All Forms of Ethnocentrism” with Rev. Roger Schroeder, SVD


An image of God’s Reign is a banquet being shared by all nations and peoples. And yet in our world and in our Church, this diversity is often regarded with suspicion, judgment, and hatred. Initial goals for living in multi-cultural interaction are simply tolerance or perhaps some level of adaptation. However, the church as God’s people is called to live out and witness to something much more than this. Interculturality aims to build and foster relationships that are mutually enriching and challenging for the sake of God’s reign. Jesus’ practice of table-fellowship was a sign of the inclusiveness of God’s love for all. We need to acknowledge our own varied prejudices and many forms of ethnocentrism that prevent us from more completely participating in the coming of the reign of God. An account of the journey of the church towards interculturality is found in the Acts of the Apostles. Fr. Schroeder will examine this very relevant topic on interculturality and the necessary ongoing process of conversion and transformation from the many forms of ethnocentrism today.