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Perelmuter Conference 2018: The Scholar and the Pew

The Scholar and the Pew: On Gaps and Bridges Between Scholarship and Community Leadership in Judaism and Christianity


Hosted by Catholic Theological Union in Partnership with University of Notre Dame


About the Perelmuter Conference

Rabbi Dr. Hayim Goren Perelmuter was the first Professor of Jewish Studies at Catholic Theological Union and the Rabbi of K.A.M. Isaiah Israel in Hyde Park. He made a deep and lasting impact on Jewish-Christian relations in the Chicago community and beyond. Rabbi Perelmuter co-directed the Catholic-Jewish Studies Program at Catholic Theological Union with Fr. John Pawlikowski for over three decades. The Perelmuter conference is dedicated to continuing Rabbi Perelmuter’s legacy of dialogue and friendship between Jews and Christians.


This Year’s Program and Speakers


April 9, 2018


Session #1: Dialogue Through Scholarship


Dora Lantos, Central European University: Between Tiszaeszlár and the Numerus Clausus: Lipót Huber (1861—1946) and his History of Blood Libels and Blood Murders: A Study of Jewish-Catholic Relations in Early 20th Century Hungary

Matthew Brady, Catholic Theological Union: “God’s Majestic Love:” The Covenantal Theology of Msgr. John Oesterreicher and Educating Catholics about Judaism

Chaim Saiman, Villanova University: The Halakhah of Jesus’ Trial: Three Rabbinic Approaches to Jewish/Christian relations, scholarly autonomy and communal responsibility

Ethan Schwartz, Harvard University: The Study of the Bible and the Life of Torah: Two Recent Models of Integration


Session #2: Boundaries of Jewish and Christian Dialogue in Premodern Times


Rachel Slutsky, Harvard University: The Priestly and the Monarchic: Two Models of Messianism in Early Jewish and Christian Literature.

Tom Wetzel, Loyola University Chicago: Turning the Church toward Israel: A Biblical First Step of Reconciliation and Witness

Yedida Eisenstat, Colgate University: Faith in Action: Is Rashi Responding to Paul?


Shapiro Lecture, 4 pm

Dr. David Novak: University of Toronto. Is Supersessionism a Barrier to Jewish-Christian Dialogue?


April 10, 2018


Session #3: Scholarship, Community, and Dialogue in Modern Material Culture: Art, Liturgy, and the Written Word


Benjamin von Bredow, University of Notre Dame: Scholars and Congregations in the Nineteenth Century Debates over Anglican Psalmody

Monika Czekanowska-Gutman, University of Warsaw: Gaps and Bridges in Jewish-Christian Dialogue as Reflected through Art: Representation of the Pietà in Modern Jewish and Christian Art

Adam Gregerman, Saint Joseph’s University: The Dissemination of Academic Scholarship in Contemporary Christian Statements on Jews and Judaism


Session #4: Bridging the Gap Between Academia and The Community: A Conversation Between Jews and Christians


Todd Walatka, University of Notre Dame

Ann Astell, University of Notre Dame

Devorah Schoenfeld, Loyola University College

Josh Feigelson, University of Chicago



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