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In Good Faith: Your God or Mine?


As people of faith, Christians, Muslims, and Jews make very particular claims about the world and their role in it—claims that appear to divide the human family. At the very same time, these religions affirm certain universal values which appear to encourage a fundamental solidarity within the human family.

What can a divided U.S. civil society learn from three of its major faith traditions about how to strive for unity in full recognition and embrace of our differences? Contribute your experience and insights to an interactive evening of lively dialogue featuring a moderated conversation between three scholar-activists.

In Good Faith: Jews, Christians, and Muslims Sharing Perspectives on Issues that Matter to Our Faith Communities and to Our World is an initiative of the Bernardin Center at Catholic Theological Union in partnership with First Analysis Institute of Integrative Studies.

Guests are invited to enjoy: complimentary indoor parking in the CTU garage and a kosher/halal buffet.